F1. Is this the worst case of cheating ever?

  ened 13:09 16 Sep 2009

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Renault have as good as admitted the charges against them and I don't believe you can get much more serious than deliberately causing a high speed crash!

As an aside, with Briatore going, another of Mosley's enemies has conveniently fallen by the wayside!

  hssutton 13:26 16 Sep 2009

Certainly the worst we've ever heard of.

  Seth Haniel 15:00 16 Sep 2009

meglomaniacs think twice now before walking over their drivers and sacking them.

  Noldi 15:01 16 Sep 2009

Its Renault the charges are against. Briatore and Symonds going they still have a case to answer.

It’s been a very strange couple of days 1st Lotus get the nod over Saubers for 13th place because Saubers ownership had not been sorted out (Lotus have the Cosworth engine Saubers Ferrari), Saubers announce a new owner 2 hours later and are told they have 14th place, This gives them automatic entry if one of the excising teams go. So did the FIA know yesterday that Renault or another team are gone at the end of the year???????????????????.


  ened 15:10 16 Sep 2009

I think Mosley is making the most of his last few weeks.

Whether, in the long run, it will be beneficial to the sport remains to be seen.

  interzone55 17:22 16 Sep 2009

Briatore can console himself with his range of super-model girlfriends and QPR...

  Forum Editor 17:23 16 Sep 2009

is becoming all too common in sport - it's the 'win at all costs' mentality writ large, and those involved should feel thoroughly ashamed of their disgraceful behaviour.

  ened 17:44 16 Sep 2009

It's the money.

It might sound trite but there is too much money involved in ALL sports.

Lokk at what has happened to Rugby Union, to name just one example.

  Noldi 17:51 16 Sep 2009

Lightening does strike twice; they where the team that had the big fire in the pit lane at Hockenheim after they illegally modified the refuelling rig to get the fuel in faster thus cheating

But don’t tar all the teams with the same brush.


  Forum Editor 17:53 16 Sep 2009

It's partly the money, I agree, but there's also the attitude that in sport the end now justifies the means. It'a all about winning, and to hell with everything else.

  Ford Prefect 01 18:04 16 Sep 2009

Renault/Benetton as they were before have had the same management for a long time.

As Noldi has stated they were found guilty of modifying the refuelling equipment. They were banned for modifying the underbody plank at Spa in 1994.

They were also disqualified from the British Grand Prix in 1984 because their driver overtook someone on the parade lap, and subsequently received a large fine and a ban for instructing their driver to ignore the black flag. The black flag carries the same status as the red flag, but applies to an individual car rather than the entire field.

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