F1 @ Donington

  pcmags 15:29 07 Jan 2009

So will Donington get the green light? click here
Or will Silverstone have the last laugh!

  spuds 16:00 07 Jan 2009

There's a bit more to it than what the BBC article states.

The airport is just at the back of the race track, and according to recent developments, changes of operations are being requested there, if F1 is to be introduced.

Going back in history, when Wheatcroft owned the park, it was stated many times that he would not succeed in reintroducing events etc. He proved many people and officials people wrong. He achieved what he wanted and more. Now whether this new guy will prove to be of the same material as Wheatcroft, we will have to wait and see perhaps.

  Noldi 17:30 07 Jan 2009

click here

"So will Donington get the green light?"
From what I have heard its all going to plan,

"Or will Silverstone have the last laugh!"
I think Silverstone is the last laugh they have had years to get up to date and failed.

I think you will find if it does not happen at Donnington it wont happen in England and that would be a shame.


  birdface 21:17 07 Jan 2009

I know very little about F1 racing.And this may be a daft question.Just wondering if radio interference would affect the nearby airport and planes in transit.Probably on a different frequency.But I thought that I would ask.

  spuds 22:37 07 Jan 2009

There should not be any radio communication problems. Both the race track and events areas plus the airport have lived in close harmony with various communication procedures and devices for ages.

The only problems that are likely, would be on race days and traffic access plus noise. Another problem might be the usage and funding of police and 'civilian' or private security and traffic control.

  Noldi 06:18 08 Jan 2009

"Just wondering if radio interference would affect the nearby airport and planes in transit."

In the early days of pit radio there were some problems with interference with police radio and race teams but now it’s all licensed with the relevant authority in what ever land they are racing.

"Another problem might be the usage and funding of police and 'civilian' or private security and traffic control."

I think that will be a lot cheaper than the cost of having the rights to hold the Grand Prix. They will be paying Bernie quite a lot of money just to bring the teams to Donington.


  Tazfan 12:04 08 Jan 2009

I cant wait til the track is altered. Its my local and I often do track days. Its already a decent circuit, but with the planned alterations its going to be much much better.
The buzz of using an F1 Circuit will be cool too.

  laurie53 19:56 08 Jan 2009

Slight digression on Donington.

I used to live near Telford, in Salop.

One Saturday morning on the way to get the paper a guy on a big bike, complete with girl on the back, who had fairly obviously been on the road a long time, asked me if he was alright for Donnington.

I said just a couple of miles on the left, whereupon he expressed surprise at how few bikes there were on the road.

Then I twigged!

I really did feel bad about telling him he had a lot further to go.

  Goofyish 20:10 08 Jan 2009

It's great that the track is hosting F1 and that all the modification plans have now been approved by the local council.

But I feel for locals and people wanting to get to the airport while the F1 GP is on! The access to the Donnington track is not the best!

  heepster 20:35 08 Jan 2009

I used to live very close to Donington, and believe me the traffic on race days is a TOTAL nightmare! Sheer madness to even think they would cope with F1 type crowd numbers. And its a mickey mouse type track anyway. Great for bikes, not at all suitable for F1.Someone should really re-think this.

  Noldi 06:21 09 Jan 2009

Micky Mouse Curcuit and Slverstone is a lot better?. I would like to see it back at Brands Hatch. As for the traffic im sure they will work a system out to get the cars back on the M1 quickly, Try going to Spa then you see traffic problems.


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