Eyewitness to history

  TopCat® 15:42 21 Nov 2008

Researching an historical item on Google I came across this very good website - click here Thought I would pass it on for those interested in the subject content. TC.

  syylo 16:08 21 Nov 2008

Topcat@ this is a great website, the only thing with it is there isnt many pic's a been too young to of seen the WW2 i love the history behind it when u see the types of tanks & things, where i live was a huge bunker & Batteries all over the place so i am kinda grown up with it all, there is another website that offers FAR more pic's but i cant remeber it...Great website though!!

  Toneman 16:10 21 Nov 2008

Got caught up in the kamikaze attack...

  Forum Editor 16:20 21 Nov 2008

There's nothing like eyewitness accounts to give you a real sense of history.

  TopCat® 16:24 21 Nov 2008

This very large museum in Russia has military items from eleven countries. It has a huge content and plenty of information and photos. TC.

click here

  Pineman100 18:24 21 Nov 2008


  sunnystaines 18:29 21 Nov 2008

good link thanks

  syylo 01:13 22 Nov 2008

TopCat®" thankzs for the link again loved the info...wasnt there a huge hole in the face of a cliff somewhere in france where it was used to house hundreds of soldiers..? but now its a museum now..? my m8 many years ago went there just by chance & he said (If its true) the cliff & inside is ALL white chalk like dover & there is a place right inside where the wall is a darkish shade & thats the blood of pow's etc that was shot against that wall...anyone knows or heard of this place..?

  Why wont it work 02:18 22 Nov 2008

Quite a nice selection of (ancient) sources there! Just remember not to take them at face value though!

Most of the website seems to be reasonably accurate too, which is nice to see for a change! It makes me very happy to see that Alexander hasn't been played up (although taking Arrian seriously, gah!). I'm sure however this will come in use, thanks.

  Pineman100 12:12 22 Nov 2008

I don't know about the specific place that you describe, but along the cliffs south of Calais (white chalk - part of the same geological structure as the Dover cliffs) there are still lots of ex WWII installations, that were constructed by the Germans. Bunkers, pillboxes, concrete trenches, underground barracks and so on.

It was all part of Hitler's "Atlantic Wall" which stretched right down the coast of Holland, Belgium and France.

  TopCat® 14:50 22 Nov 2008

I quote: 'The ancient Egyptians believed that, after death, the body was the home of the individual's spirit as he or she journeyed through the after-life. If the body was destroyed through decomposition, there was danger that the spirit would also be destroyed....'

It's interesting to note that class differences existed way back then, for they offered three standards of mummification. You'll see what I mean at click here I rather doubt that they allowed any family do-it-yourself jobs! :o)) TC.

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