External Appearance.

  oresome 16:24 11 Mar 2009

I live on a housing estate built around 25 years ago and looking round now, I see that many of the houses are becoming what I consider to be an eyesore.

Why? A number of reasons.

Satellite dishes which in themselves are now smaller and quite neat, but have multiple cables leaving them and travelling all round the outside of the house. Many have had replacement dishes over the years, but they never seem to be fitted in the same position and the old brackets have been left on the wall complete with chopped off cabling.

Virgin Media cables seem to do a similar thing, in and out of windows and round the house and into bedroom windows.

Balanced flue outlets being bricked up with non-matching bricks and pointing following a boiler replacement and ugly drain pipes from the new boilers travelling down the external wall.

Many houses now even have external copper gas piping as the plumber finds the easiest route from the gas meter cupboard to a new appliance. Some are bare copper, others have pipe lagging fitted and some are half and half. Presumably it's fallen off after fitting.

The original house design had internal waste pipes, internal TV coax, underground BT cables etc and looked neat and uncluttered.

Is it tradesmen taking short cuts or what you can expect and get with the cheapest quote? Does anyone care about the external appearance of their property?

  interzone55 16:41 11 Mar 2009

With a satellite dish, each box has to have a separate cable running from the dish head.
Additionally, Sky+ boxes need two cables.

When you move from analogue to digital satellite the new dish is in a different position because it's pointing at a different satellite.

I don't know about Cable, but I think it's the same as satellite, you can't have a distribution amp in the house, each set top box needs a separate feed from the outside box.

I can't swear for the gas pipes, but I would imagine it's easier & cheaper to route pipes outside the house than to shift all the furniture, rip up the laminate flooring, then lift the floor boards, route the new pipes round the house, then put the whole lot back again...

  thms 18:02 11 Mar 2009

I think it;s to do with the fact they will not fit cable internally unless they cause damage to your fittings.
I had sky installed and they ran the cable round the outside of the house. When I told them I would rather have it installed internally I was told they couldn't do this as they were not allowed to incase I claimed for any damage or mess caused during installation.

  interzone55 21:03 11 Mar 2009

I think you'll find they run the cable directly from the dish to the room via the roof means they use less cable, and the fitting takes much less time.

Both time & satellite cable are money...

  Chegs ®™ 04:39 12 Mar 2009

I dont object to some homes having cables/pipes or multiple dishes all over them as the only houses I have seen like this were on the opposite side of the estate to me.It is so long ago I was last in that area I think sq-arials were still popular. :)

  crosstrainer 09:09 12 Mar 2009

I guess things must have changed, because I was under the impression that in order to install a dish you needed planning permissions?

  bremner 09:34 12 Mar 2009

You are mistaken.

Generally no planning permission has ever been required. click here

  crosstrainer 11:47 12 Mar 2009

I think it was when I was living in Snowdonia that I encountered this...National Parks are very fussy about such things. Not so here in Cardiff....Everyone seems to stick the things up :))

  bremner 14:24 12 Mar 2009

You are correct when you say National Parks have additional regulation as is covered in Section 1 of the link.

  Woolwell 16:52 12 Mar 2009

Unfortunately many new boiler installations require that a new larger gas supply pipe is fitted between the meter and the boiler. In many cases, without causing extensive disruption and associated costs, it is more practical to run the pipe externally. Condensing boilers also require a drain. The change in flue hole should however be bricked up/repaired properly.

In my area we have extensions with poorly matching bricks and replacement windows and doors which do not fit in with the original design of the house. This is some cases a bigger eyesore than the external pipes.

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