Expensive UK!

  barca1 16:37 18 Apr 2008

Here's a fine example of our lifestlye cost's
this has been brought up b4 but heres another fine example.

click here

  jack 17:18 18 Apr 2008

Note that all the items mentioned are non essential goods and services.
Thati s you and everybody else do not have to buy them if it is considered the price is too high.

So keep you pennies in your pocket
and watch the prices tumble.
But folk wont of course.

  Monoux 17:20 18 Apr 2008

It only goes to show (once again) we are ripped off left right and centre for so many items its almost beyond belief. The only way to stop it is not to buy until the prices are forced down or emigrate ( which more and more people are choosing to do ).

  wee eddie 17:34 18 Apr 2008

your second sentence summed up the problem.

So long as Brits buy at the prices that the goods are offered. Then that is the price that they will pay.

If Brits stop buying at that price, then the price will fall. That is what happens in the States, if something is over expensive, it doesn't get bought in sufficient numbers for the Seller to flourish. So the price falls.

  lisa02 19:29 18 Apr 2008

8pm on UTV

The Tonight program investigates 'Rip Off Britan'.

  laurie53 20:40 18 Apr 2008

While there may be sound economic reasons for not joining the Euro, the Government, whichever party forms it, will be only too aware of how easy it will be for Brits to work out that they are being ripped off.

When I lived in Germany a chart CD cost 16 marks. The same CD cost £16 in the UK, but the exchange rate at the time was 4 marks to the £.

  lisa02 20:49 18 Apr 2008

I noted in the program the average time spent searching prices is 11 seconds. It normally takes me a few days to make my mind up about a purchase and I sometimes ignore the cheapest and go for a supplier with a better reputation.

I guess by extension this is why people prefer to pay more for branded goods as opposed to buying generic. When it comes to same goods - like the example of the camera being £170 cheaper to import from the US the program made no comment on whether or not the warranty would be valid.

Also do we have better consumer rights than the US?

  lofty29 20:54 18 Apr 2008

If we have a choice we do not have to get Ripped off, however in many instances we have no choice.ie. Ma-in-law has just died and we are arranging her cremation, no jokes please, she was not that bad, we have to pay 145 quid for two nhs doctors to sign her death certs;( a nice little earner), the local council, which is exhorting us constantly to "go Green", has stopped returning the ashes in a biodegradable pot for which one had to pay £15, and now charges £30 for a plastic screw top sweetie type jar, since we plan to place her ashes in the grave of her late husband, as per her wishes, we then have to pay to have said ashes transfered to a biode; pot, since only such can be put into the grave. another nice little earner

  Monoux 09:45 19 Apr 2008

Wasn't the FE trying to find out why MS charged more in the UK for its operating systems than elsewhere. I seem to recall a thread on it but can't remember seeing how it turned out.

  DrScott 12:57 19 Apr 2008

you're paying the docs to sign the cremation form, not the death certificate which is a different document and a legal requirement.

Because of the nature of cremation, people have to be sure that the person died of the diagnosed illness - the idea of two doctors is that one verifies that the other isn't making it up. This is a duty required by the crematorium service and isn't considered part of a doctor's normal duties - in the same way assessing insurance claims or doing health checks is work beyond that for which doctors are contracted to do.

Doctors who sign cremation forms are liable for any mistakes, and if foul play is suspected at a later point, they can find themselves facing jail. This is what happened after the Shipman affair - doctors who signed off on the cremation forms faced considerable police and GMC pressure.

As a doctor has no legal obligation to sign cremation forms, and it carries a not insignificant burden of responsibility, there has always been a fee associated with it. In actual fact, HMG gets most of the cash in any case!

If a person is buried, that the person can be exhumed later if there is any suspicion of foul play. For that reason, doctors only have to do the death certificate, something for which they receive no money.

If you're very nice to the doctor, they do have the option to waive the fee. It's rare I do any nowadays, but certainly if I knew a family and knew they were hard up I'd happily waive it.

  Noldi 14:14 19 Apr 2008

click here
Gives a good list.

I find England very expensive evertime I return. I live close to Zurich wich has a high cost of living but but a very good quality it is no where as high Southern England. End of last year I was offered a job back in the UK but after looking at Transport time and cost that was enough to put me off.


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