Exercise ......do you?

  realist 13:59 18 Aug 2007

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My parents and grandparents lived well into their eighties without the benefit of designer diets and/or "structured" exercise.

  45 Mart 14:34 18 Aug 2007

I agree realist, but look at your parents and grand parents lifestyle. What jobs did they do, did they have to do a lot of manual labour and physical jobs. Did they have to walk to do things and to get places.

My own father who is approaching 80, never did any structured exersising or dieting in his life, but was always extremely fit and very strong. In fact, his dinner plate was always stacked to the edges with huge amounts of food, which he never left any of. All this was simply because he worked on building sites all his working life. My mother, was always fit, because there waas only ever 1 car (and my dad used that to get to work all over the country), so she had to walk to the shops, and walk us to school, or even walk half a mile to the bus stop. This kept her fit.

Todays lifestyle is the problem why people need to keep fit as a leisure activity. Computerised robots doing repetitive manula labour, everyone having a car at their beck and call.

If you go back further with your relatives, you will probabbly find more and more of them were quite a lot fitter than you and me.


  Stuartli 14:57 18 Aug 2007

I have a friend who is 102 later this year - he had an office management job, but until quite recently was always out on remarkably long walks.

His brain is still as sharp as when very much younger.

Another friend is a year younger, but not quite as active now.

  Pineman100 15:51 18 Aug 2007

My father was 92 last Wednesday. He's still mentally alert and physically fit, although he can't quite stride out the way he used to.

He and my mother (who'll be 90 in November) have always been classic examples of "moderation in all things". They don't over-eat, they take a bit of exercise, they've never been overweight, they enjoy gardening, reading and so on.

I think wartime living and rationing had a lot to do with their generation's attitude to life. During WWII you didn't worry about putting on weight - you worried about getting enough to eat, and enough of the right things. People learned to be frugal, careful and above all to eat healthily.

  Clapton is God 16:37 18 Aug 2007

My younger daughter is a member of the local Virgin Active gym.

I regularly collect her after her sessions there because I don't like her walking home alone.

I never fail to be amazed by the number of adults (of all ages) who DRIVE to this gym so they can then spend an hour or so WALKING on a treadmill (or whatever people do at these places).

  hereford456 16:48 18 Aug 2007

I go to the gym most weekdays.
And walk when ever i can, it's quicker than the bus in London!

  Pineman100 16:52 18 Aug 2007

There was a great photo circulating around the internet a year or two ago.

It showed a gym in America that had an escalator up from the car park to the front door.

  DrScott 17:44 18 Aug 2007

in that the people exercising them are usually those who least need to be there. I think it's very off putting for those who really really need to exercise...

COI: I rarely, if ever, exercise. It's on the new year list :o)

  laurie53 18:59 18 Aug 2007

I know I should, and I do try, but with arthritic ankles, knees, hips and spine it's pretty difficult to follow a regular regime.

  rdave13 19:04 18 Aug 2007

Never exercise, work hard enough to not warrant it..;)

  daisy2bell 20:07 18 Aug 2007

I do 1 hour ( sometimes 2 hours) of very brisk walking every day in all weathers.Am 60, 6'2" ideal weight and blood pressure

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