Excessive Force?

  oresome 14:18 03 Sep 2012

Alan Duncan, a former Cabinet Minister, has said householders should not be prosecuted for defending their homes after a couple were arrested following the shooting of two suspected burglars.

Whilst I have some sympathy with the householders as it is claimed they had suffered several thefts, I cannot condone their action unless they were being physically threatened and felt their lives were in danger.

The only way to establish if the use of a gun was appropriate is in a court and politics should be left out of it.

  wee eddie 17:47 03 Sep 2012

It would be a mistake to expect the Police to arrive within 30 minutes. A more likely scenario is for an Officer to visit 48 hours later.

  Bing.alau 18:31 03 Sep 2012

Surely these burglars should be aware that they are taking a risk of some sort when they enter a persons home. They would certainly be taking one if they entered mine. I think they deserve whatever they get. They know beforehand that they are doing wrong. So if they get their comeuppance. "So be it". I can't understand how anyone can defend them.

  Aitchbee 18:52 03 Sep 2012

There was an imaginary soap 'burglary' last night on Corrie.The hoodie (hooded thief) got smacked on the head with a very large 'stapler' accidently (his face was hidden) by a business partner (and 'friend') of his mum. The lad 'miraculously recovered' after a couple of hours in hospital...and it seemed to knock some sense into him.The man who smacked him on the head with the 'stapler' has been accused/charged of/with GBH....who writes these scripts?

  interzone55 19:05 03 Sep 2012

It's simple really, I'm a pacifist, and I don't subscribe to all the macho bull put forward by some people whenever this topic rears its ugly head.

By not posing a threat to any burglar I don't imagine any burglar would have recourse to pose any threat to me.

Secondly, my house is pretty secure, and I have visible CCTV, so I haven't made my house a target.

  Grey Goo 19:58 03 Sep 2012


Well I hope you don't get burgled. I can just picture the scene,you making tea for the robbers "One lump or two",can I help with the packing up of my stuff,I have a suitcase upstairs you can use. You will probably be shaking them by the hand as they slit your throat neatly from ear to ear.

  Woolwell 20:13 03 Sep 2012

"as they slit your throat neatly from ear to ear." - that is unlikely. Homicides are at the lowest level since 1983. There were around 750,000 burglaries in 2010/11. This is similar to 5 years ago but much less than a decade ago. The risk is generally lower than people think. See Poverty org

  Bing.alau 21:01 03 Sep 2012

I think you are probably letting them know you have something worth taking from you. Putting in alarms and other devices isn't the answer. But a good smack around the chops when they enter your house is. (My opinion).

  lotvic 21:02 03 Sep 2012

It does happen, June 1st, 2012: Two men who burgled an 87-year-old Oswestry pensioner were yesterday jailed for manslaughter. ClickHere

  Forum Editor 21:03 03 Sep 2012

If someone breaks into your home while you are there, that person is a potential threat to your safety. If the same person carries a weapon of some sort the threat is real rather than potential. You are entitled to respond if you feel that there's an imminent danger of being harmed, but how you respond is important.

Shooting someone because they have broken into your home is certainly not justified, neither is any form of unprovoked violence - that turns you into the aggressor. All this macho talk about the violent responses people would make if they discovered a burglar in their home is immature posturing, and no court is going to sanction it. You are not entitled to beat someone senseless because he came into your house to steal things. You are entitled to protect yourself if you are attacked, or are in fear of being attacked, but you must only use reasonable force, given the circumstances.

You shouldn't have to think too long about it to realise that it's common sense.

  lotvic 21:05 03 Sep 2012

Bing.alau, you snuck your post in, mine was meant to follow Woowell's bottom of page 2

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