Evil teenagers !

  Dragon_Heart 22:38 13 Oct 2010

Evil teenagers who 'tortured' autistic boy, 17, for three days free to roam streets after judge fails to lock them up

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This attack would have traumatised anyone but a young man with his condition will have set him back in his social development & may
even make his suicidal.

This case must be reviewed ASAP and that justice is done and, perhaps more importantly, seen to have been done. I would also suggest
Judge Jonathan Geake's future be considered.

These three thugs should be made an example of.

  finerty 22:52 13 Oct 2010

3 thugs who walk free and judge who cant judge who cant lay down the law, who cant lock them up something wrong with the law judicial system.

and something wrong with this judge who cant lock them up cant fine them cant protect anyone as he cant judge what a failure for all.

  finerty 22:53 13 Oct 2010

I hope he reads this post....

  Dragon_Heart 23:11 13 Oct 2010

Judge Jonathan Geake will only fall back on the old "simply following the guidelines" chestnut.

As I understand they are ONLY guidelines and not rules else we could have judging by computer. He himself labelled the crimes 'grotesque' so why did his judgment not reflect that ?

It must be sickening for the police also when after all the hard work of catching these scum of society, collecting the evidence and presenting the case they only get a slapped wrist.

"Judge Geake said he had taken into account the attackers’ ages, remorse and the fact they had pleaded guilty."

They are all 18, can vote and fight for their country.

REMORSE ? don't make me laugh

They pleaded guilty only because they had no defense

Wonder who they will find next time the bully net time they are 'bored' If they were looking after a child with autism they would NEVER be bored !

  michaelw 12:38 14 Oct 2010

...As always, with these stories, it is much more complex than the press reports. For a start they haven't 'walked free'. They have been given a substantial community-based punishment which, according to people who know about these things, is likely to be more effective than a short prison term...

I wish I possessed your optimistic view that community service is more effective than prison. It would be if it worked properly perhaps. But in reality the supervision of offenders working in the community as a punishment is at best inefficient.

It only works on people with some social responsiblity. Offenders often play off sick, the work is too easy, and offenders don't necessarily work hard at all.

It would probably work better if there was a midway beween the old fashioned chaingangs and charity shop work as many now do.

  peter99co 14:45 14 Oct 2010

Hazel Blears, Labour MP for Salford and Eccles, said she was ‘shocked’ at the sentences and would raise them with Justice Secretary Ken Clarke.

‘This young man has been driven out of the city and the perpetrators are walking round free. It should be the other way round,’ she said.

Don't hold your breath though!

  Dragon_Heart 22:46 14 Oct 2010

No but :-

"Judge Geake said he had taken into account the attackers’ ages, remorse and the fact they had pleaded guilty."

They are all 18, can vote and fight for their country. That is a fact

REMORSE ? don't make me laugh. Who has remose when they do something like this or what Robert Thompson and Jon Venables did to James Bulger ?

They pleaded guilty only because they had no defense THEY provided the evidence via their own phone !

Yes ! it is much more complex than the press reports but under section 20 of the Statute
"Whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously wound or inflict any grievous bodily harm upon any other person, either with or without any weapon or instrument, shall be guilty of an offence and, being convicted therefore, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years."

Just ask yourself would you be OK with the sentence if they had attacked your child, with ASD or not ?

  jakimo 03:35 15 Oct 2010

'Do I think the sentence was appropriate taking account of all the factors? I have no answer to that question because I am not in possession of all the information. And nor is anyone who is basing their opinion on the Daily Mail report.'

This incident was reported by a number of media sources,including independent complaints from a senior police officer as well as MP Hazel Blears so its hardly appropriate,and in bad taste of you to use this case as a vehicle to support your anti Daily Mail campaign, particularly as you have no personnel view on whether the sentencing was appropriate or not.

  red1977 14:10 15 Oct 2010

You seem to be defending these lads on the basis that we dont know the whole story. I struggle to find any justification for their actions, if I just disseminate what I think are the "facts". What mitigating factors can you come up with that we could find sympathy with?

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