Evict Travellers - or not?

  john bunyan 15:42 04 Sep 2011

I have read the arguments on both sides of the Dale Farm eviction issue. It seems ludicrous that it has taken 10 years to get to this stage, but surely a halt must be made to flouting the planning laws by a few, otherwise others (non travellers) could use the precedent to do similar things. I hope that there are no injuries to the occupants nor to the baliffs. I was a bit concerned to see the Irish flag flying in some of these sites; I undersatnd many have property there whilst collecting UK benefits.I wish I could think of a good solution..

  john bunyan 15:43 04 Sep 2011

Sorry - meant to post in Speakers corner - can this be moved?

  Nontek 16:01 04 Sep 2011

Contact FE to move post.

  Strawballs 16:39 04 Sep 2011

If they wish to stay somewhere then they should buy the land like anybody else and start paying council tax, Oh and how can they be called travellers if they have been there 10yrs not a lot of travelling there?

  rickf 16:49 04 Sep 2011

They do own the land. The issue si about building w/o appropriate planning permission.

  Strawballs 17:03 04 Sep 2011

Fair enough then they should be the same as everybody else play by the rules

  Housten 17:14 04 Sep 2011

I and my wife must agree with 'Strawballs'. There was some TV of one of these 'travellers' stating she had been there 10 years and she was not going to move. So it is of absolutely no concern that the houses built without planning permission are there, we just have to lump it! So much for a reasoned argument! And what do the United Nations have to do with this, as they apparently don't think our laws, rules or whatever applies to these people. On what basis? I have not heard the basis, just their 'verdict' - is it because they are of a different race from the general UK population or is it because they are Irish? Most of them seem to be from what is sometimes called Southern Ireland and sometimes called Eire, but would they allow the Union flag to fly over there? No way!

Why is it that Labour allowed 'travellers' special benefits - by that I mean allowing them preference over local people - wherever they happen to be with regard to schools and doctors? This can not be right as it is the locals who provide the monies to run these and yet they can be denied the use of the service they are paying for!! Blair and Brown's influences will be felt foe a long time yet!!

  morddwyd 19:11 04 Sep 2011

Doesn't matter if they are "travellers" (who used to be called tinkers) or not, they are in breach of the planning regulations.

The genuine Romany travellers, or gypsies, who I have not seen for many a year, would be restless after ten days in one place, let alone ten years.

  birdface 19:28 04 Sep 2011

Demolish the houses and get planning permission for new houses to be built.

They can be treated no different from everyone else who had their houses demolished by not having planning permission.

Maybe it is greenbelt land they are building on there for they would all have to go.

  Strawballs 20:50 04 Sep 2011

As it is their land then don't evict them but as said anything built without planning permission should be pulled down!

  sunnystaines 20:58 04 Sep 2011

move them ASAP and give the locals a bit of peace and quiet.

trouble is some one else will get stuck with then, perhaps vanessa redgrave might invite them to came on her estate if she likes them so much.

back in 80's had some pikeys camp in masses behing our house, we had threats from them, they left a mess and used the field as a general toilet like animals, and caused a lot of noise.

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