Every e-mail sent in the UK Monitored!

  perpetual motion 02:19 09 Jan 2009

OH well i personaly think its a huge waste of time & money, & at a time like this i belive the money can VERY easily be spent elsewhere..

Im not sure i like the fact ALL my emails could be monitored or read by the goverment agency..

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  wiz-king 05:52 09 Jan 2009

You appear not to have read the important bit, "The Home Office insists the data, which DOES NOT include e-mails' content, is vital for crime and terror inquiries."

  Chegs ®™ 06:12 09 Jan 2009

Easy way round this "snooping" is use snail mail.Personally,I couldnt give a pigs burp whether any of my emails are monitored.

  DANZIG 06:14 09 Jan 2009

Two ways of looking at this in my opinion.

1 - I've done nothing wrong so why should I worry?? If the government want to look through countless e-mails from Facebook announcing that I have a secret admirer and the numerous ones offering me an 'enhanced' lovelife, then thats their problem!

2 - What happens when the information that belongs to someone else less innocent is attributed to me and I'm accused of being some form of urban terrorist? As if that would happen anyway, this governments record on data usage is second to none!......isn't it?????

Anyway, I'm not in the least worried. Worrying about it won't change a thing.

  newman35 07:10 09 Jan 2009

When I first started using email, I remember being told to use email as if it were a postcard sent through the normal mail.
Put nothing in it that you wouldn't happily write on that postcard.
I reckon I've stuck to that idea, over the years, and have no real fear of anyone reading my electronic correspondence.

  laurie53 07:38 09 Jan 2009

I have nothing against this at all, but I do wonder why, if it is so necessary to monitor e-mail, the same necessity does not apply to snail mail?

Could it be, perhaps, because it is so easy to monitor electronic messages, let's just do it anyway?

  newman35 07:44 09 Jan 2009

"it is so easy to monitor electronic messages, let's just do it anyway".

Hit the nail on the head, I reckon.

  Kevscar1 08:05 09 Jan 2009

If they want to read thousands of times that I can have a guaranteed mortgage in the US or buy Viagra from an online Pharmacy they will slowly go crazy and it won't affect me at all

  BT 08:09 09 Jan 2009

It already happenns. Emails are 'kept' by the providers on a voluntary basis already.

  Rigga 08:37 09 Jan 2009

So terrorists are going to organise a strike using unencrypted emails?

How dumb do the government think terrorists are?
How dumb do the terrorists think governments are?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:39 09 Jan 2009

I really cannot be bothered. If anyone wants to read my emails, they are more than welcome. I do not consider myself that important that anyone would give a stuff about the dull contents of my emails. The Internet is a public access facility so it should come as no surprise, even to the dim of mind, that there is no privacy. /triple yawn


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