Every box tells a tale

  WhiteTruckMan 14:12 04 Nov 2009

Something I just came across that I had no idea was in progress. Its a fascinating (to me at least!) look at a single shipping container as it criss crosses the globe, passing piracy hotspots and idle periods in a storage yard, giving some hidden insights into the directions global trade can take, from boom times to bust.

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I thought I had some idea about these things, having dragged more than a few of them around in my time, but it turns out that my knowledge of them was somewhat limited!


  canarieslover 14:33 04 Nov 2009

I would have thought that there were quite a few truckers who cover that sort of mileage in a year and don't even get outside the U.K.

  peter99co 15:07 04 Nov 2009

But that is not the final chapter.

Our project partners NYK have generously agreed to donate the container for charitable use and they will transport it to Africa where it will be refitted as permanent soup kitchen for some of those people who have been worst affected by the global recession.

  john bunyan 18:22 04 Nov 2009

Some freight companies refuse to send shipping containers to some regions as they are stolen to use as livng accommodation.

  john bunyan 18:25 04 Nov 2009

Also see here:
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  Forum Editor 18:59 04 Nov 2009

Many thanks for this. It gets my 'Post of the week' award.

  Quickbeam 00:39 05 Nov 2009

I don't recall getting anything for tinned tomatoes... did you forget?

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