Ever written to your MP??

  DANZIG 09:30 26 Mar 2008

I was just wondering if anyone has and was the response given what you wanted, if indeed you received one....

  cream. 09:39 26 Mar 2008

'Ever written to your MP?? '


'and was the response given what you wanted,'


'if indeed you received one....'


  DANZIG 09:42 26 Mar 2008

I was just wondering if was actually worth doing. That petition thing I personally think is useless so I want to contact our guy directly seeing as he is our elected representative.

  interzone55 09:44 26 Mar 2008

Yes I've written to my MP a few times, always got a response, although not always the one I wanted.

I once managed to get my street resurfaced after sending photographs to my MP, after several utilities had had their wicked way with the road it even made Land Rover drivers consider a different route.

I do like the official House of Commons paper with the green letterhead.

  DANZIG 09:47 26 Mar 2008

Is it possible to contact them by e-mail, or would my request have more 'gravitas' if it was hand written??

  birdface 09:58 26 Mar 2008

I tried contacting one by e-mail about 4 months ago.Still waiting for a reply.

  interzone55 10:00 26 Mar 2008

Use this web site to find & contact your MP/ MEP/ Councillors etc

click here

  DANZIG 10:02 26 Mar 2008

Thanks for that link alan14, I'm assuming if I got my quill and parchment out instead I would write to them at Westminster or would they have an office address??

  johndrew 10:07 26 Mar 2008

Yes, I have written to my MP several times. He has always responded, but on one occasion he promised an action, failed to carry it out and later refused to satisfy his promise without providing a reason. I have all the subject correspondence in the event I need to prove the point if he ever challenges me.

Contacting MPs via e-mail is fine but should be in letter format. You should get a receipt of some sort, probably by post, but a read receipt will prompt action. Most MPs will reply by post as they appear to like using House of Commons stationary.

  interzone55 10:16 26 Mar 2008

Find your MP on the site, click the Find Out More About x link and you'll find a wealth of information about the MP, including Expenses records if you scroll down to the bottom.

On the right hand side of the page is a box Useful Links For This Person, there's a link in this box to the Guardian's MP records, Constituency Office postal address, phone number etc.

Or simply write to

MP's Name
House Of Commons

  DANZIG 10:22 26 Mar 2008



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