Ever tried to sell a car on Ebay ?

  G0lfer 00:17 06 Jun 2006

You might think twice after reading this

click here

  G0lfer 08:38 06 Jun 2006


  spuds 08:44 06 Jun 2006

Been mentioned a few times. What annoys me the most is the seller who totally ignores emails requesting further genuine information (ie- Is that a large dent in the bonnet, or is it a reflection?). This guy though as a good sense of humour, which tends to liven the auction up, even though eBay are getting rather uptight about this type of fun and wacky 'selling technique'.

  Totally-braindead 11:20 06 Jun 2006

spuds very good points especially about not answering emails. You have to ask though why some people ask such stupid questions.
A couple of my friends have bought cars off Ebay and they were both happy enough with their purchase. The cars were as described and they got them at a good price.

I do remember an unfortunate case who appealed on here for advice, last year, of a lady in Gibralar I think it was who bought a car off Ebay from Spain. She didn't follow the procedures and got someone else who picked up the car without checking it, I believe you are meant to go yourself and satisfy yourself that it is as advertised before purchase is completed. Anyway when she got the car she discovered that although the original description did mention air conditioning there was none. She appealed to Ebay but because she had not followed the procedures they refused to help.
So if you do buy a car off Ebay and personally its not something I think I would ever do then its important to know what the rules are and to follow them. And with all large purchases like a car see it before you hand over the money. Its perfectly possible for pictures of a car to look fantastic and when you actually see it in the flesh so to speak you, discover its a rusty piece of rubbish.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:10 06 Jun 2006

Ever considered that the seeler might be having a bit of a laugh...;-)))


  Starfox 15:54 07 Jun 2006

is one which I would think is very rare. I saw a Ford Focus estate advertised in as new condition but high mileage (91,000 on a 3 year old car) so I put in a very low bid and waited to see what happened and that was without actally seeing the car.

Well guess what, I won the auction, went to collect my car, and just could not believe what I had bought, the thing was absolutely immaculate, not a scratch, mark or stone chip anywhere. The seller handed over the keys and documents then gave me a folder which had every invoice, bill and receipt for the car from new.

When I looked through the paperwork I found that 2 months previously the seller had had a new engine fitted (the camshaft belt had broken and wrecked the original engine) a complete new braking system including new discs and drums and various other work totalling nearly £4,000 which was almost double what I paid for the vehicle.

Did a HPI check to make sure the car was not stolen or dodgy and the check came back clean so no problems there.Been running the car for 12 months now, no problems at all.

I still wonder what the catch was but not found one as yet, all I can say is that the fellow who sold me the car must have had very deep pockets.:o)

  Jimmy14 16:15 07 Jun 2006

the seller says at the top "No tax I'll get you that" then when the seller adds further comments to the car at the bottom he says "Nope, no tax" I do not understand that either you get the tax with it or not. Make your mind up

  Totally-braindead 20:44 07 Jun 2006

You misread it Jimmy14 as I did to someone else last week. He says no tax I'll let you get that.

  Jimmy14 20:51 07 Jun 2006


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