Ever injured yourself gaming?

  Managing ed 11:48 08 Jun 2007

A doctor in Spain has officially 'diagnosed' Nintendo Wii tennis elbow:

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But this is nothing new, games have always been lethal:

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So what I want to know is, has anyone ever injured themselves playing a game?

Rest assured, this thread is in the interests of serious PCAdvisor.co.uk research (and having a bit of a chuckle on a Friday afternoon).


  Belatucadrus 12:05 08 Jun 2007

Other than giving myself that rather disconcerting motion sickness style feeling for an hour after a vastly overextended Quake session, no.

  tullie 12:48 08 Jun 2007

Hurt myself playing football(game init?)

  dagbladet 12:54 08 Jun 2007

Same as Belatucadrus, motion sickness

I'm not a big gamer, but I once tried a WW2 game where I was a soldier who walked around finding things and shooting Germans (first person game?). After about an hour of looking up and around made me feel sick for a couple of hours after. I like flight sims and don't have the same problem with them.

  wolfie3000 13:35 08 Jun 2007

Motion sickness is well known about in some games, especialy driving games.

Iv never really injured myself while playing games,
I think the only one i can think of was when i once caught my finger in the cd drive when it closed.

  missingit 14:31 08 Jun 2007

Does a clout round the ear from the other half count,she says I had been playing long enough,in fact she had said it several times,prior to the clout.

  Forum Editor 17:03 08 Jun 2007

playing the Eton wall game. Matron took me straight to her room and sorted it out though.

  wolfie3000 17:08 08 Jun 2007

"Eton wall game."

Is there a demo i can download and can it be played online?

  wolfie3000 17:09 08 Jun 2007

also any screenshots?

  Si_l 17:13 08 Jun 2007

I went to a bowling place once, and they had an arcade shooting game, and you have to put the giant goggles on to see the screen, and I was smacked in the head with a pool cue by a mate when I had my head inside these goggles.

  FungusBoggieman 17:46 08 Jun 2007

I got over excited once fell of my chair and sprained my wrist playing dod sorce once, the only thing was it was my mouse hand (right) coulden`t play for at least a week
that was a bummer well to me it was.

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