Ever done anything really crazy

  1minute 21:24 11 Sep 2006

that you later looked back on and thought did i really do that?

  STREETWORK 21:50 11 Sep 2006

Yes, but I ain't saying...

  lisa02 22:09 11 Sep 2006

too rude ;)

  Forum Editor 22:12 11 Sep 2006

I once agreed to drive one of a pair of 30' boats (with two huge Yamaha 250hp outboard engines each) at high speed down a winding river and 35 miles out into the Indian ocean. I had never driven anything like it in my life, and ran out of adrenalin in the first ten minutes. I think my five passengers (one of whom was my wife) felt the same.

When I got out at the other end my legs were like jelly. I had lunch on a delightful island ........then I heard the other driver say the words that struck terror into my heart......"race you home".

There are easier ways to induce a heart attack, but I'm still living on the sheer thrill of it all.

  wolfie3000 23:42 11 Sep 2006

I did a bungie jump years back in my local pub out in the car park,
As i am terrified of heights i wanted to have a large whiskey before doing it but the guy running it said i couldnt so i did it sober,

I soiled my self nearly when i climbed up to the top then nearly soiled myself doing it.

Never ever again am i doing something that scarey.

A friend of mine jumped off a bridge for some reason, i think hes an utter fool for doing it though and heres the video of the jump,
It may not look high but the water was only a foot deep.

click here

  Kate B 00:03 12 Sep 2006

This is a family forum. I can't possibly share my experience(s).

  Brumas 00:04 12 Sep 2006

Shark fishing, the Heath-Robinson method.
One butcher's hook with one end closed to form a loop and a barb cut into the opposite hook baited with a 4 ½ lb. lump of frozen liver. Attach this to one end of a heaving line the other end secured to the docking winch with an empty orange-box as a float. Sling over the side into the Indian Ocean and wait. Well we waited and got bored as nothing was happening. Half an hour later we hauled in the line and the ‘hook’ had been straightened out, the bait and the float had gone. Had we got a bite we intended to start the docking winch, haul the shark up onto the deck and, well we hadn’t really worked out that part! Try to beat it to death with hammer from the engine room I suppose. Oh to be young and mad – my mind still boggles!!!!

  STREETWORK 07:04 12 Sep 2006

I will let you know mine on Friday, just gotta wait for my passport to arrive...

  wee eddie 14:02 12 Sep 2006

one evening. Hampstead to Knightsbridge.

A friend couldn't afford the Carriage fee so, for a drink each in the Australian, we donned our best gear and pushed this bed right across London on evening.

Hyde Park Corner was a riot. A couple of girls in the bed, they weren't with us when we started, and about 5 of us pushing. I can't remember how many pubs we stopped in but I don't think that we paid for a single drink the whole way.

  Forum Editor 18:08 12 Sep 2006

"I can't remember how many pubs we stopped in"

You must have been three sheets to the wind.


  1minute 18:17 12 Sep 2006

Did a full British Army approved Survival course, got to eat off the land while being chased by "The Enemy". It turned out to be in the wettest June in years. Lost nearli 2 stone in 7 days.

But the end of course chippy & bear tasted grand!

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