Ever been locked out of car- keys inside?

  jack 19:58 03 Nov 2005

A little some thing I have read- cannot vouch for it.

Imagine you are miles from home and you find the car has locked the central locking and the keys are inside.- Now what do you do?
This little bit of advice I read in a the travel page of a magazine.
You phone home on your mobile, you get the repsoners to get hold of your spare keys, you point the ear peice to the car and tell the the other end to press the unlock botton.
Will it work? any one fancy trying?
You dont have to be that far from home of course.

  PaulB2005 20:18 03 Nov 2005

click here

Snopes - the Bible of Urban Myths.

  Forum Editor 22:15 03 Nov 2005

because the car's lock doesn't open with a sound signal - it needs a coded data stream.

  spuds 22:57 03 Nov 2005

I saw an 'expert' once, come to the assistance of someone who had left their car keys, locked inside their car.He [the expert] picked up an house brick and threw it at the side window of the car. After breaking the glass he casually walked away.Silence descended very quick that day. Everyone was chatting and offering advice, then suddenly everyones was totally dumbfounded, as to what had just happened.

Never leave your keys inside a car, or anywhere else for that matter. The 'expert' may still be around to assist.

  wolfie3000 23:12 03 Nov 2005

I always thought that cay keys used infra red not sound i guess ultrasound as 1 it would drive all the dogs mad and 2 a mobile phone speaker cannot emit ultra sound.

  MESH Support 09:28 04 Nov 2005

When I last did that, the car was a simple key lock to enable alarm type system.

Luckily being a IT professional, I deliberated over my options and after realising that the first spare was also in the car in a pocket of my rucksack, I elected to use the second spare, the one shaped in a brick type fashion and implemented a complicated solution much in the way your expert did spuds.

A lot of people need to experience this at least once, I've *never* forgotton or mislaid my keys since :)


  Chegs ® 10:16 04 Nov 2005

Its alleged that some makes of car are fitted with a device that unlocks the doors in the event of an accident,so find the sensor on the front of vehicle (mfg handbook) and give it a swift kick.

I had an employee who deadlocked the doors then having removed the shopping from the boot,shut it,leaving the keys within.Whilst poking a length of wire down between the door glass and door panel trying to "hook" the mechanism (of a supposedly deadlocked car) the end of the wire inadvertantly made contact with the electrical lock and the alarm went off,but so did the deadlocks,thus allowing the internal boot release to be pulled.No damage to the car requiring the services of a repairer.

  jack 10:25 04 Nov 2005

I am pleased to hear all that- the advice was given by the columnist in a dead serious fashion.
As she also ignored, what I thought was a reasonable
idea in one issue and a couple of issues later printed it accrediting some else- I shall be able to have my revenge.

I have heard it said and seen it applied that a lengrh of plastic baling tape has its uses.

  GRFT 07:26 05 Nov 2005

What's the fool-proof way of making sure you always have a spare key on your person?

  jack 08:46 05 Nov 2005

What's the fool-proof way of making sure you always have a spare key on your person?

A Spare key box used to be available, that had a magnetic base so that you could locate it under a wing or some place similar.
However as virtually all cars have plastic undersides these have become redundant I guess.
One could try this.
Renault's with the elcetronic card type entry, have/had also an insert in the card that fitted a secret slot under the passenger door handle- should the card fail -taking a leaf out of this book - get a speare key cut- remove the plastic turn end - so that you have simply the blade- try to fit a flat turning piece[or trim the existing one with a craft knife] and keep it in your wallet/purse - or on a string around your neck.

  spuds 13:01 05 Nov 2005

Jack--I remember the magnetic key storage box's well. Used one once on a 4x4, but it got washed off with a couple of cwt of clay by an high powered pressure washer. I like the idea of the string around the neck approach :o)

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