Ever been involved in amateur dramatics?

  TopCat® 17:03 14 Mar 2008

Now the 'drama?' of the Budget and the main character has been confined to history, I wondered if we have any amateur thespians out there. As for me, I confess to appearing in a military rendition of 'Cinderella' many years ago in the Pied Piper's town of Hamelin in Westphalia, Germany.

Under severe duress I appeared as one of the two Ugly Sisters - I'm actually quite handsome I can assure you, but it's surprising what makeup can do! - and the Regimental Sergeant Major was the other. He was called Miss Blastard (well, what the 'l') which went down a treat with the troops! Needless to say, the script contained some lovely 'close to the wire' lines aimed specifically at the RSM and several, moderated considerably, for the Colonel commanding.

We were very fortunate to have some civilian professional thespians producing the panto and I remember two girls that really caught my eye! One, the director, said I had a lovely Roman nose and then added it was a pity it was Roman all over my face! Blessed cheek! That tended to dampen my ardour considerably!! :o))

After all the rehearsals and obligatory notices had gone out, finally came performance day. It eventually became a full house, after some who came with loaded rifles on learning that the RSM was appearing in it were turned away. The two front rows were gleaming with the 'brass' of authority and every seat taken with others stood at the rear. On stage, our brilliant, comical performance that night was something I will never forget and, because of its success, the Colonel allowed a second performance the following night, so that those on duty the first night could see it. The RSM, who had a voice that rivalled the power of the famous RSM R Brittain, turned out to be a good sport during the performances. That, sadly for those troops, all changed once their boots touched that sacred square later. Happy days and memories for me though because I had risen up the promotion ladder quite a bit by then. TC.

  Bingalau 17:43 14 Mar 2008

TC. Sadly "No" but I would have loved to have had a bash. Probably too late now I think. If you are thinking of producing a services' type of panto for the near future put me down for a part please.

  TopCat® 17:53 14 Mar 2008

I can think of a few characters here that would certainly fit the bill nicely. It's a pity our drama/panto days are about over, but one never knows. Maybe we could get the PCA Towers crew involved for a future production, financed from their coffee money surplus!! :o) TC.

  Bingalau 19:49 14 Mar 2008

I can't see there being any coffee money surplus at PCA Towers. Our FE seems to be up all night, so he must be drinking it to extinction.

  laurie53 19:53 14 Mar 2008

Tried it once or twice at my wife's behest, but didn't really like it.

My wife did lead roles in both dramatics and operatics with great success, and my son, once he tried it, liked it so much he is now a professional in Oz and has his first entry in IMDB.

  bluto1 22:12 14 Mar 2008

My eldest Brother, god bless him, was in that area in, I think, the early 60's and may well have enjoyed your performance.
My only claim to acting was a college rendition of the operetta Maritana in which I played the lead. I had to dance a waltz with the ugliest woman I've ever met and smile all the way rhrough it. She was a great singer though and we hit the right notes singing. A friend arranged for the understudy to take over after the next performance
thank Heavens. Never again did I tread the boards.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:17 14 Mar 2008

Only the ones on this forum....


  Earthsea 23:10 14 Mar 2008

I played a Roman general in a school play once and forgot my lines. Afterwards all my classmates laughed at me and my teacher told me off. It...it didn't effect me...*sob*

(I wish I could have done a 'Carrie'.)

  Totally-braindead 23:14 14 Mar 2008

I used to do stage crew when I was younger. Only went on stage once in Oklahoma. Did enjoy it but things have changed and I wouldn't do it now.

Still know many that do though and they love it.

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