European Army

  Clapton is God 11:37 07 Jun 2008

I see that the French have come up with the bright idea of a European Army controlled from Brussels. God help us. click here

Presumably, because this is a French idea, their first priority will be to increase production at the white flag factory.

  Quickbeam 12:33 07 Jun 2008

Better not let anyone from St Helena have anything to do with it...

  Forum Editor 13:08 07 Jun 2008

really help a mature discussion along, don't they?

  Clapton is God 13:16 07 Jun 2008

Sense of humour by-pass?

  Forum Editor 13:21 07 Jun 2008

Not at all, I smile when someone says something funny, but not when they make silly schoolboy cracks about other people.

  sunny staines 13:27 07 Jun 2008

no all but some european countries have a poor track record on military involvement.

just look at nato in afganistan, and worldwar 2.

  Clapton is God 13:40 07 Jun 2008

Unfortunately, not all of us think that the sun shines out of the backsides of every nationality on earth.

It's called freedom of thought - and that thought is sometimes translated into freedom of expression

  octal 14:19 07 Jun 2008

I'm a bit split over this, putting my anti French feelings aside for a moment, it makes a sort of sense, think about it, the largest contingent of troops in N.A.T.O are supplied by the US, most of the world won't tolerate US troops in their country which causes problems because of their gung-ho attitude, whereas quite a few other western countries are tolerated. By having an army not aligned to N.A.T.O which some countries might perceive as being controlled by the US because it is the biggest stakeholder might just work.

I'm not sure where that would leave N.A.T.O because this country is already stretched with our existing commitment to N.A.T.O.

  Woolwell 14:49 07 Jun 2008

There are a number of questions about command and control of a European Army. Who would decide when and where they would be deployed? Who would determine the rules of engagement? Where would the command centre be and would this be a duplication of the NATO HQ at Brussels? How would they train together and to what standards? One of the advantages of NATO, derived from nmany years of working together, that there can be a commonality of equipment and messaging systems that can be understood by the participating nations.

Coffee "Nato standard" I understood - Coffee "European standard" is another thing.

  Forum Editor 15:53 07 Jun 2008

that people use when they know they've been downright rude or offensive. They think it excuses or even justifies their behaviour, but it doesn't fool anyone with any intelligence for half a second.

The sun doesn't shine "out of the backsides of every nationality on earth.", but that's nothing to do with it, and it certainly doesn't excuse the inference that an entire nation is guilty of cowardice. References like that are indicative of small-mindedness and prejudice born of ignorance.

  The Brigadier 16:59 07 Jun 2008

Their will never be a day when we have one Army in Europe.
That said a few countries have good elements within their Armed Forces.
The UK: UK Special Forces (SAS/SBS), Royal Marines & Para's.
The French: The French Foreign Legion.
Germany: GSG9
Norway/Sweden/Finland: Artic Warfare/Mountain Specialists.

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