EU regulators to announce insurance rule change

  TopCat® 23:21 09 Feb 2011

On March 1st they will say whether to ban the gender rule which insurers have long applied when assessing cover prices. A yes vote could mean many problems for the industry and policy holders alike. What's your thinking on this? TC.

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  Forum Editor 00:02 10 Feb 2011

Men are more likely to be involved in a motoring accident, so they should pay higher insurance premiums.

Men are less likely to visit a doctor, or suffer from some chronic illnesses, so they should pay lower health insurance premiums.

Men tend to have shorter lives than women, so they should pay more for life insurance.

It's about time we stopped pussy-footing around the gender issue and accepted that there are differences between men and women that no amount of legislation will remove. We can try to put everyone on an equal footing until we're blue in our collective face, but millions of years of evolution says 'no'.

Vive la différence, as the French say. There's more to life than grey uniformity.

  DippyGirl 01:07 10 Feb 2011

...but should the lavatory seat stay up or down?

  Kevscar1 08:36 10 Feb 2011

Sorry if women want equality then it has to be in everything including the price of insurance.

  Forum Editor 08:49 10 Feb 2011

Even if it means men having to pay more for some things than they do at present?

Equality doesn't have to "be in everything", there are some areas where differences between men and women make it unworkable. Actuarial factors take into account the fact than generally women tend to live longer than men. It's a fact, and no amount of legislating can possibly alter it.

  Quickbeam 08:59 10 Feb 2011

The next logical step would be to charge a flat rate regardless of your good or bad driving record so as not to discriminate against poor drivers that have a daily crash.

Ah, but hang on, wouldn't that be discriminating against good drivers...?

And isn't insurance all about assessing risk on it's merit?

  proudfoot 09:16 10 Feb 2011

I don't wish to comment on the other comments on this subject most are valid, but I feel I must take issue with the Forum Editors first paragraph.

I have been driving for 50 years and can be considered a safe driver, I was involved in a collision some 25 years ago, but the other driver was 100% at fault having reversed at high speed out of his drive into the side of my vehicle.

On many occasions I have noted the drivers of vehicles overtaking me in what I consider to be not the best location in fact some a downright dangerous (I do not drive slowly, adjusting my speed to the road conditions). On balance I have noted that by far the occupants of these vehicles have being driven by the so called career women in the age range 25-50 driving higher powered cars I assume late for an appointment.

  spuds 11:00 10 Feb 2011

Whatever the case, the insurance industry will not lose out. Premiums now seem to be based on whether they want your business or not, and I think that was how the compare websites became successful.

One thing that I have noticed is no or very little mention regarding animal insurance, and the gender requirements, that some policies have nowadays?.

  HondaMan 12:10 10 Feb 2011

For years
Men have done more work than women
Men have always done more physically demanding jobs than women, coal miners, steel workers
Men have always taken the lead where danger exists - and I am not talking about the very brave men and women in organisations like SOE or OSS
Had men lived a leisurely life as many women did before first world war perhaps men would have the same life expectancy as women ?
Sex equality should mean exactly that, same employment rules, same benefits, same retirement date, no opening doors, or standing on buses for a woman if there are no seats, no carrying heavy loads etc, etc.

Food for thought innit?

  john 52 12:16 10 Feb 2011

Insurance is priced on underwriting costs that is why younger drivers pays a lot more than middle aged drivers .
I really believe that a woman driver is less likely to have a accident than a man and therefore should pay less for insurance .To suggest that a insurance company can be told how apply underwriting rules is ridiculous .

Whether we like it or not age, claims history, driving experience, occupation,and gender all play a part in the final premium we pay for our car insurance ,if asked a question are men the more confident drivers I would say yes ! if you asked the question are women the more safer drivers I would say yes and therefore should pay less on insurance when all the above has been taken in account if it is applicable

  Forum Editor 12:42 10 Feb 2011

By all means take issue with me, but please try to come up with something better to justify your argument than your own driving record and what you say you've spotted on the road.

Both of my daughters are what you refer to as "so called career women in the age range 25-50 driving higher powered cars" - in fact they are really career women, as are millions of others. Neither of them has been involved in any kind of accident so far, and - despite what you seem to think - the insurance records prove that statistically they are far less likely to have an accident than a male driver.

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