EU losing "at least" 120billion euros annually from corruption

  TopCat® 17:40 03 Feb 2014

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem's says "it probably could be much higher." story and report here

I remember sometime previously hearing about some EU states allegedly being corrupted, but to read the actual figures compiled by the EU Commission itself leaves me shocked and astounded. How on earth can these guilty states be allowed to get away with this blatant corruption? TC.

  bumpkin 18:04 03 Feb 2014

"leaves me shocked and astounded." Why? It does not surprise me.

  wiz-king 18:06 03 Feb 2014

If you bung me a couple of squid I'll let you know.

  Forum Editor 19:27 03 Feb 2014

Bear in mind that large amounts of research data in this report are based on what people think, rather than on what they know.

For instance:

**"The majority of Europeans think that corruption is widespread among political parties and politicians; large minorities think it is widespread among other officials and institutions"**

**"One in four Europeans think that they are personally affected by corruption in their daily lives"**

**"A slight majority of Europeans think that corruption in their country has increased in the past three years"**

Note the use of the word 'think' in all those quotes. Thinking tends to become believing, followed very rapidly by knowing - Chinese whispers.

I'm sure there is a good deal of corruption in many walks of life, in many countries all over Europe, but that's always been the case, it was going on long before the EU was heard of.

I intend to let the forces of law and order deal with corruption, and concentrate on working to pay my taxes and bills.

  Aitchbee 19:33 03 Feb 2014

The BBC is not entirely free from criticism either ... where did all that license money go?

click here

  fourm member 19:44 03 Feb 2014

There's a strong chance the thread title could result in misunderstanding. Even if the estimates are true (and the FE's cautions are well worth noting) this is corruption in the countries that make up the EU rather than corruption arising purely from the existence of the EU.

You'd have to make a very dodgy leap from the idea of a Greek driver paying off a policeman to the idea that the UK loses out as a result.

I'm sure that won't stop people from making that dodgy leap.

What I find interesting is the big difference between personal experience of corruption and perception. As the report itself makes clear, of every three people who believe their country has widespread corruption only one claims personal experience.

It's a bit like a recent survey on immigration that found something like 80% of people think it is a problem but less that 30% say it is a problem in their area.

  john bunyan 19:45 03 Feb 2014

Their accounting has always been hopeless See

Budget irregulatities

  wee eddie 20:47 03 Feb 2014

The perception of corruption is not helped by the EEC itself, which creates Laws that one can drive a Coach & Horses through.

Can you blame Italian and Greek farmers for taking advantage of the crazy olive laws, or Ours and the French for similar tactics with other crops. Of course one needs a decent Lawyer but once the scheme has been worked out, all can use it.

  john bunyan 21:14 03 Feb 2014

One example of many :

Olive trees in Italy

  Forum Editor 23:29 03 Feb 2014

john bunyan

It's worth noting that the story in your link is ten years old.

  john bunyan 11:01 04 Feb 2014

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