Ethernet Cable and WiFi

  Ventad 15:54 27 Jan 2012

Hows this!

My desktop is in the spare bedroom behind sliding mirror doors alongside was the router, to use the laptop two walls/rooms away in the livinroom (bungalow) I had to open the sliding doors to get a decent download signal about 8Mbps (on the desktop I was getting 12.4Mbps average).

So to stop having to go in and open the doors I purchased a 5mtr ethernet cable, drilled a hole in the bottom of the sliding door frame passed the phone to router and ethernet cable through the hole connected to the router now standing on a small box outside the cupboard 3" away from a radiator (which is on the wall between the living room and bedroom and yes I know we are told it will block the WiFi) but because I did not have a long enough telephone to router cable thats where it had to be.

I must now be using my radiator circuit as a carrier as I now get 12.4Mbps on average from both my desktop and WiFi laptop two rooms and two brick walls away. I have used the BT Wholesale,Broadband and Talktalk speed testers and they all give me the same readings within a few decemal points,and that is only moving the router 1.5mtrs as the crow flys from where it was. That I consider is some result seeing that I was resigned to only getting a WiFi of 8Mbps.

  ams4127 17:20 27 Jan 2012

"I was resigned to only getting a WiFi of 8Mbps"

I dream everyday of getting that speed, and I live within 200 yards of the exchange!!

  Ventad 19:23 27 Jan 2012


Sorry about that, I am approx a mile away from the exchange LLU, talktalk told me the maximum that I could get is 13Mbps before I swapped over from pipex in November seems they were right.

  morddwyd 20:30 27 Jan 2012

Most mirrors are metal backed, which would block the signal.

If you have now moved the router the signal is no longer blocked.

  Ventad 21:01 27 Jan 2012

morddwyd yep agree with that I had to pull the doors back to get a wifi signal and then got 8Mbps with two walls/rooms between but with a radiator blocking I get 12.4Mbps so I can only assume the radiator system is acting as an arial as there is no drop between ethernet and wifi

  interzone55 21:06 27 Jan 2012


If you're 200m from the exchange you should get a decent speed from most ISPs and around 20mbit/s from an LLU ISP

Check your exchange at Samknows and see which ISP offers LLU and move to them

  Chegs ®™ 06:53 31 Jan 2012

I am jealous,I've swapped ISP,live close to the exchange etc but the highest speed I get is about 4-5 Mbs & only during the early hours.When the rest of the town is "alive" my surfing speed drops to a crawl & I often feel it would be quicker to walk to the server with a bucket & fill it with the data I'm trying to download. :)

  ams4127 17:10 31 Jan 2012


Thank you very much for that link.

It shows that the exchange is LLU enabled. It also shows that Talk Talk (CPW) is the only operator using LLU. I always understood that Talk Talk were part of BT, yet BT doesn't show up at all in the list of LLU operators.

I think I will give Talk Talk a call in the next few days and see what happens.

Once again, many thanks for the link. I am greatly obliged.

  Ventad 17:02 03 Feb 2012


I beleive you have to have phone and broadband to get LLU from talktalk, which is what I have

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