errr not sure this is the right place..but..

  Mark_H 19:51 31 Jan 2007


i lent an external HD to a work collegue who was sacked for apparent "bad references" while i was off, he still has my HD and the company wont give me contact details quoting the data protection act bla bla , and they reckon the police wont do anything, i dont know where he lives (i know roughly the area) but i cba driving round trying to find him, the company "passed on" my details to him hoping he'd contact me but he hasnt, is there anyway i can FORCE the company (my employers) to hand over HIS details?

  Kate B 19:54 31 Jan 2007

I doubt it. You could ask your employer to contact him on your behalf formally requesting the return of the hard drive. If it doesn't come back to you after a reasonable time, report it to the police as a theft.

  Jackcoms 20:15 31 Jan 2007

A couple of points come to mind about your employer.

Why the hell were they employing this guy if he had "bad references" - the normal procedure is to take references BEFORE employing someone.

In fact, it's illegal for a previous employer to give "bad references". You can give a reference which, effectively, says the square root of bugger all about someone, but you can't give a bad reference.

Me wonders about the integrity of your employer.

  Template 20:29 31 Jan 2007

It is illegal to give a reference which is untruthful.
You can give a 'bad' reference as long as the contents of the reference can be objectively justified if challenged.

  Kate B 20:34 31 Jan 2007

is it illegal or is it simply the concern that an inaccurate reference can be defamatory?

  josie mayhem 21:02 31 Jan 2007

What is meant by 'bad' referreance?

No employer is allowed to give a bad refference, only refuse to give one!

It could be possible that referances recieved weren't valid due to many reasons... writte by a relative ect... never know...

Your company would be breaking the law if they gave your old colleauges contact details, it is all they can really do is to pass yours on as you have given them permission to do so....

Prehaps you could ask your employer to try again on your behalf, asking if your ex-colleague to retur the hard drive via the company ect. Ask if they can send it by registered post so you and they have proof that it has been recieved...

Then give it reasoble time, if no return contact the police but warn your employer first about this so if the vidit the company is aware whats going on.....

  p;3 21:12 31 Jan 2007

I get the feeling you may not see the HD again

  rodriguez 21:22 31 Jan 2007

You could try asking around work if anyone knows him. Then maybe they'll know his whereabouts and you could also try his local pubs.

  interzone55 21:28 31 Jan 2007

Try the local library, they should have the electoral roll, if you know the chaps full name & roughly where he lives then a morning in the reference library may prove fruitful.

Before the arrival of the internet that is where most private detectives traced people.

You may also be able to find him via the bt website click here
providing he is not ex-directory then a search on the surname & town could get results.

A little lateral thinking goes a long way

  mammak 21:32 31 Jan 2007

This gives an accurate account on the providing a reference. click here

As for your HD it might be difficult to prove that you actually only gave it to him on loan,

wouldn’t have thought the police could do much about it.

  Mark_H 22:02 31 Jan 2007

thats for your replies guys..

what happend was he was absent all the time, the company was getting understandebly peeved.

So i think they "cooked up" this story to get rid of him, they also said he stole from his last employer..

i asked around, none of the lads know where he lives.

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