Erm, say that again in English!

  octal 10:58 27 Jan 2007

Just been reading this article about the price difference between the US and the UK for Vista.

Steve Dunn says:
“Microsoft wants to ensure transparent pricing for all its customers. Although the current dollar/pound exchange rate is high comparative to the beginning of 2006 it's not unprecedented in the context of fluctuations over the past few years. Other factors impact the price of Microsoft products, not least the costs incurred in delivering European packaging and settings plus the cost of marketing in many languages. In addition the scale and volume of the US market will drive a price differential.”

The last time I was over in the US, just last year before Christmas in New York, I could make myself understood perfectly using my bog standard UK English.

Sniff, sniff, do I smell something in the air?

  The Brigadier 11:07 27 Jan 2007

You have to remember that the US runs the world and that US customers get it cheap as Microsoft can get the money needed from the Rest of the World.

Thats why I & Others have had enough & gone to Linux!

  Colin 11:26 27 Jan 2007

It's box standard not bog standard. But that's not your point, I know. As with the FE's front page editorial from where, I assume you got you quote from, Microsoft don't seem to be able to give a rational answer. Unfortunately, it will sell in its millions at the UK price and they know it. As for changing to Linux, whilst not wishing to sart a Windows/Linux/Mac debate, there will never be enough worthwhile software available on other OS's apart from Windows to make them truly viable alternative.

  octal 12:01 27 Jan 2007

I already use Xandros Linux at home, but I do take an interest in Microsoft products because I use them at work, just not at home.

I meant 'bog' standard as in bog standard English as against American English, it's me being facetious.

No I don't want to get into a Windows/Linux debate because my point has nothing to do with that.

  johndrew 13:41 27 Jan 2007

Unfortunately, regardless of whether we like Vista or not, eventually everyone who wishes to stay with Microsoft will end up with it or its successor. So it really doesn`t matter what price they (MS) sell it at we will pay in the end when XP or our PCs die.

I suppose the only thing that could make MS think again on pricing would be an alternative that was large enough (in terms of users), had similar facilities and was fully inter-operable with all that the Windows `range` uses/does.

Linux has come up in the world but it, as with other offerings, fails to have the volume of following necessary to apply adequate pressure.

Sad situation where a stranglehold is applied to PC users by a single OS supplier who appears to have the vast majority of PC suppliers in its control.

  p;3 13:47 27 Jan 2007

if I read that right they are saying........


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:17 27 Jan 2007

Remarkably you have the choice to buy or not. No one will die from not having Vista.


  octal 14:44 27 Jan 2007

"Remarkably you have the choice to buy or not. No one will die from not having Vista."

Well remarkably that is the trouble isn't it, a lot of people don't have a choice do they? Unless they have the privilege of being in the know about alternatives.

  amonra 14:53 27 Jan 2007

The next big moan from MS will be the number of illegal downloads of Vista from China/Russia etc.
Who is to blame ???? Just look at their "transparent" pricing policy

  Kate B 14:57 27 Jan 2007

Oh, I think most people have heard of Apple :-)

  anskyber 15:00 27 Jan 2007

I agree. Completely.

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