Equality law Madness

  jakimo 11:34 23 Jan 2011

It may have its supporters,but at the very least some changes need to take place in order to return to common sense

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  sunnystaines 12:31 23 Jan 2011

looks like the tories/libs are gone down the same loony path as labour if this is true wasting money on stupid things like this.

i thought we were all trying to save not waste public money.

hoping cameron/clegg will kick this woman into touch.

  Strawballs 21:26 23 Jan 2011

The Mail is usually a big supporter of the Tories that does surprise me!

  sunnystaines 12:12 24 Jan 2011

does it matter which paper, the investigation is a terrible waste of public money. more in times like now.

  interzone55 12:21 24 Jan 2011

Read the whole article rather than the first couple of paragraphs and you'll find the part that says the act will save up to £87m a year after 2012.

I wonder how many people read more than the first two paragraphs of any story...

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