Epson Refunds

  RonWH 15:59 13 Sep 2006

I was browsing an American forum the other night and discovered that due to overcharging on ink cartridges Epson is repaying $45 to everyone who has bought certain printers, the qualifying list of printers was enormous. Is anyone pursuing the case over here?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:35 13 Sep 2006

Not wishing to be cruel but anyone paying 9 squid for a cartridge that can be bought from Choice Stationery for less than 2 squid deserves to get royally shafted.

The refund does not apply here but if you wish to start a petiton from 'those who cannot be bothered to do a bit of research', then the field is yours. 'Personal responsibilty' and 'personal market research are the key phrases du jour here.


  RonWH 16:43 13 Sep 2006

I have an Epson printer that was bought as a present and only buy alternative cartridges.
However the printer came with Epson cartridges in it, that qualifies them for the $45 rebate.
What we need in this country is a "Ralph Nader"

  spuds 12:33 14 Sep 2006

My apologies for being ignorant, but who or what is "Ralph Nader".

Regarding the $45 rebate, why don't you try to pursue a case against Epson (America). Would be very interesting, as to how you got on!.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:36 14 Sep 2006

click here an early Michael Moore/Esther Rantzen but much easier to pull to pieces. Studied him at college

  spuds 13:44 14 Sep 2006

I see, another American with broader views. Thanks G.

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