Epson R300

  jack 20:37 17 Dec 2004

I notice that the Epson R300 is reviewed in the New issue asnd the reviewers didn't go much on it.
Which is contrary to the general opinion expressed in the various forums here, in addition to my personal experiences.
I wonder therefore if as the machine has been on sale for a year[mine has just passed its first birthday, I can now get zapping them gold plated
carts] the example reviewed may have been around for a while as a reviewers example and been given a bashing before it arrived on PCA's testing bench.
As an aside have you noticed that so many corresponants to these forum refer to Epson as EpsoM- Firebird spellchecker also calles the firm that too.

  ton 23:16 17 Dec 2004

I wondered about that review too.

I've got an R300 and am over the moon with the results. (And I'm not easily pleased).

  Cook2 00:40 18 Dec 2004

No problems here with my R300 or my sons R200.

  jack 08:48 18 Dec 2004

If you pick up on this - pass it to the back office please see what they make of it

  pj123 13:05 18 Dec 2004

Well, I have an Epson R200 (I think the only difference is the Card Reader) and I have had no problems with it.

Maybe, back to the drawing board?

  It's Me 16:58 18 Dec 2004

Is it perhaps because the model is over a year old and therefor, in the reviewer's eyes, cannot be any good. Many people believe that only the newest, or most updated stuff is any good. (Both hardware and software)

  Vague Boy 17:29 18 Dec 2004

I'm morec than happy with my Epson R300, especially when I found out how much longer my prints will last compared to my mate's Canon!

click here

  PC Advice Sir 12:52 19 Feb 2005

and delighted with it, especially with the simplified CD/DVD printing facility. It has produced some superb prints. Can you imagine my annoyance though that at the last inch of a superb print it has left a small trail or smear of black ink on occasion. Epson carts used, but not Epson (though quality independant branded)inkjet photo paper. Epson advised me to do the same but on Epson paper, which I did on premium glossy - excellent result, no smear either. The only critiscism I have of it then is with non Epson consumable (paper) which is a real shame.

I'll report back with any success or failures with Epson photo quality non glossy paper.

  €dstowe 13:47 19 Feb 2005

Possibly due to the curl on the paper. Try pressing the paper before printing so it is dead flat. If it's curved, the edge(s) may be catching on the waste ink sump. Problem is that it may not be the first print where this is visible (that just primes it).

It takes VERY little ink to make a complete mess of a print.

  PC Advice Sir 19:39 19 Feb 2005

Thank you for your reply. That sounds very feasable, I didn't know anything about a waste ink sump. The compatible paper WAS flat, although I note that the 120gsm paper curled a bit as it was being fed out and the printed part of the leading edge would catch on the little protective buffers on the opened output tray unless a piece of A4 paper was placed underneath it over the buffers - or straightened out manually. The premium photo glossy paper was too heavyweight to curl and just came straight out. Hope this wasn't too much info, does it shed any light on the matter though?

Many thanks

I did bit of research last yearbefore buying and it got raves as did the R200 which was only £69 in Currys,but when I went the offer had finished and the R200 was £99.95 and the R300 £99.99,when my 680 started to handle paper propley,this was the third one all replaced by epson in less 3 months,last lasting 2year of abuse,this R300 has run on compatables since the first Epsons ran out and gets used every day.Not used the card reader yet,but it's a good printer.

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