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  belfman 09:50 13 Apr 2008

There are 5 people in my house.

We recycle everything inc. clothes, cans, paper, card, garden waste, glass and basically everything possible (I think). The council recently applied a 'closed lid' policy on Black Bins which wasn't a problem.

Now they have implemented a 2 weekly policy instead of 1 week. Even with recycling we still fill our bin, to almost full, with soiled nappies, left over food and stuff that cannot be recycled. I buy my shopping now with a view of how am I able to dispose of it but still not quite there... to cope with 2 weekly collections.

I do not drive as it's too expensive and work is within walking distance anyway.

So what do I do with my excess waste?

  belfman 09:51 13 Apr 2008

to cope with 2 weekly collections.


to cope with a 2 weekly collection.

  Bingalau 10:44 13 Apr 2008

belfman. Left over food is recycled in our house. That's if there is any left over after a visit by my son every couple of days. He's what we used to call in the Forces "A Human Gash Bin".

  Cymro. 11:03 13 Apr 2008

You are doing very well and if the rest of us followed your example recycling targets would be met with less of a problem.

I must admit I have my doubts about a lot of this recycling business although I think we do our best in our house.

I think that we are starting at the wrong end of the problem and that we should think more about producing less rubbish rather than how to get rid of it.

A tax on plastic shopping bags such as they have in Ireland would be a good start. Do we really need all the packaging that we cart home from the shops every week?

  belfman 12:15 13 Apr 2008

I feel most of these policies are just money makers for the authorities.

More Tax, cut services and so on... Surely there's a better way to get us all to recycle?

One major problem with cut services is potential fly tip areas as there are plenty of parks, woods and a little stream near me. I wonder how much that will cost (money, resources and to local wildlife) to clear up? I of course will not be fly tipping but it is a concern of mine that others will.

  Quickbeam 12:21 13 Apr 2008

"One major problem with cut services is potential fly tip areas"

I'd like to know what the cost of clearing up fly tipping Vs free tipping facilities for all is...

I suspect going back to free tipping won't cost any more than clearing up fly tipped hedgerows, and will save a lot of man hours clearing them.

  birdface 12:31 13 Apr 2008

Wait till the hot weather arrives then watch for the maggots.I think you need 6 people living in the house to qualify for extra bin.Worth checking with your council.

  belfman 12:35 13 Apr 2008

All my recyclable stuff is collected from our home:
Paper in a blue bin.
Garden stuff in a brown bin.
Plastic, glass, card, tins etc by a special vehicle.
Clothes go to charity.

How is your food recycled? Composting? I'm not a gardener and at that only have a small garden in which the grass grows at lightning speed already.

  birdface 12:40 13 Apr 2008

A tax on plastic bags will not work.Unfortunately if you do not put your recycled food into plastic bags and seal them.You get plagues of maggots and flies in your bin in the hot weather.So how do you avoid that.

  interzone55 14:28 13 Apr 2008

"I'd like to know what the cost of clearing up fly tipping Vs free tipping facilities for all is..."

My local council - and I should imagine most others - have a "council tip" where the public can chuck pretty much anything away.
They way I see it is that fly tipping is either people who can't be bothered driving to the tip, or it's businesses who won't pay for collections.
This ties nicely into another thread about covert surveillance of fly tipping signs & prosecuting the registered keepers of vehicles used for fly tipping - it will soon catch the business users who dump rubbish...

  birdface 14:33 13 Apr 2008

All councils have tips but they are no good if you don't have transport to get there.

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