Entrepreneur scam

  Uboat 00:46 24 Mar 2011

I wanted to ask you all your thoughts on this, in December last year (2010) a guy took a 15 year lease out for the Hotel where i worked, he brought in a contact who he hadn't known that much as a head Chef,
The chef was one of the best ive ever come across in fact he had cooked for the Queen & others of the Royal Family so as you'd expect his food was excellent,

The guy who owned it was called Sean & he was telling everyone he was a multi millionaire, had a nice bmw with a private plate & talked all the patter to us all, He managed to convince local food suppliers & hotel in general suppliers to let him have the stock with a monthly bill, in the hotel there was 21 staff of all worked full time some of which had been there 14 years,

Last weekend he shut the hotel with a VERY trivial reason & over night almost vanished leaving behind Debts of over £50K this includes suppliers bills/rent at £7K pm & of cause staff wages, there is two members of staff one of them i will keep in touch with who has just today Defaulted on his mortgage & told me he will now loose his home of 10 years, the other is a 29 year old who has four kids!

We have all been robbed by this guy & its hit harder the others than myself cause i am only owned 24 hours due to sickness.

We have looked into this & believe me or not there is little any of us can do? This Sean has told us he is thinking of going bankrupt & wanted us all to know "HE tried" as he put it before vanishing, he took thousands of pounds of stock & kitchen equipment in a van before leaving...

Having just come back from a friends house i was informed that after someone had done their research they found out this guy has done the exact same in other parts of the uk, This is his Thing...

Can anyone suggest anything please.? or is it a case of bite the bullet and move on..btw the hotel is closed & wont be opening..& as for the Head Chef he also is full of rage finding this out! & may also loose his home..



  Uboat 00:49 24 Mar 2011

sorry forgot to add, the owner of the hotel (Not Sean) has NEVER been paid a penny rent! Sean protested over paying it again for a trivial reason..so the owner has also been scammed of 3 months rent at £7k pm..

  DippyGirl 01:58 24 Mar 2011

Uboat sorry to hear of your (and other's) miss-fortune ...
Sounds like Sean is a great candidate to work in the city - lets hope on his next visit to the toilet he passes a porcupine [sorry just hate nasty people]

  Uboat 02:06 24 Mar 2011

DippyGirl thankyou honey!
This Sean is also involved in some high profile Celebs..."One" of his websites states:Sean is in great demand both as a sports psychologist and with corporate clients.

Those lucky enough to work with him have become addicted to success.

Sean is sports psychologist for ITV Central.

Sean in consultant sports psychologist for CNN International.

He had not been involved in the Hotel industry before or so we was led to believe?...

  octal 06:03 24 Mar 2011

Have they considered running this past one of the television consumer programs? I probably won't help them get their money back, but they might get some satisfaction exposing this low life and make other people aware of what this scum can do. The TV seemed to love getting their teeth into anything like this.

  uk-wizard 07:06 24 Mar 2011

I cant understand why one month without being paid can cause anyone to lose their home! He must have been well behing in morgage payments for months.

  zzzz999 07:06 24 Mar 2011

Send his details to DBIS, if he has done anything illegal they can strike him off from being able to hold a directorship. I would also raise the issue with your local MP.

One has to wonder what type of credit checks the suppliers carried out before agreeing to provide him with credit.

  Kevscar1 07:48 24 Mar 2011

If this was pre-planned it's a criminal offence. Has anyone spoken to the police.

  Forum Editor 08:01 24 Mar 2011

As far as you are concerned, yes, it is. If you are owed money you will have virtually no chance of getting it.

Whatever this man may or may not have done in terms of a criminal offence is going to be purely conjecture as far as this forum is concerned; it's for the creditors to take action if they see fit.

Please do not mention any more names, or the name or location of the hotel concerned.

  morddwyd 08:24 24 Mar 2011

Companies and individuals go bankrupt all the time, it's a fact of life in a capitalist society, more prevalent in the current economic climate.

Unless you can prove criminal intent there's not a lot you can do except register as a creditor with the administrators.

However, since the taxman gets first bite there's usually not much left for individual creditors.

  Al94 08:30 24 Mar 2011

How do you "almost vanish"?

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