The Entity (2008)

  hijo 14:54 30 Nov 2006

Well this is either me been stupid or i have a point of intrest,ive got the original version on DVD & i thought if it is based on real events or " allegedly based on the life of the real Carlotta Moran" which gives the movie a whole differant angle as apposed to a lot of movies that are just "fiction" & makes it more intresting & horrific,the movie in my eyes is one of the most intresting & horrific "flicks" ever made,ok my point to this post is this:if the original is so called true then how can they make a second version that simply wont be...?? dont that take the whole principle away from the overall attitude of the film..?? is this just a money making issue here as i think that unless the 2008 version has real facts then its kinda overshadowing the original with special effects & myth's & or if they decide that they are going to just do a RE-Run of the original i hope they dont ruin it with over special effects like they did in "The Fog 2005"...views please & did u enjoy the original...??
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  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:07 30 Nov 2006

'The first doctor that she saw thought that she was very mentally disturbed'..she said that she was slapped, bitten, and thrown around the room, then brutally raped' you really need to ask if she was a) telling the truth and b) is/was sane. The film may be based on one persons' ramblings but it does not mean that it is true.


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