England qualifier on line

  Quiller. 11:34 09 Oct 2009

I know there is a lot of members who like to knock both football and the England team but

If you are a England supporter would you pay £4.99 to watch the match on line. click here Is this the shape of things to come or will it be a big flop. The pubs are going to loose out as many who do not have sky and did not subscribe to satanta would watch the match at the pub.

I personally will be listening to the match on 5 live and will not be glued to a monitor for nearly 2 hours. I suppose I could surf PCA and listen to the match via a radio and have the best of both worlds.

  jakimo 11:41 09 Oct 2009

As much as it goes against the grain,I have paid my £4.99...why cut off my nose to spite my face,but I must admit I wouldn't pay Saturdays price

  Rigga 12:21 09 Oct 2009

I have not missed an England game for years, (except the one on my wedding day!, it was only a friendly :))

I subscribe to Sky Sports, and when I found they had the away games, I subscribed to Setanta, and I thought ESPN now had the away game rights.

But this is a step too far for me. I shall not be paying the price to watch on the web no matter how much.

A very sad. R.

  JanetO 12:41 09 Oct 2009

I'd expect a few entrepeneur landlords hooking up a laptop to a 42" lcd as a monitor.

  Jak_1 12:45 09 Oct 2009

It's not so much a case of having to pay to view it but that it won't be available to millions of viewers! Many people are not on unlimited bandwidth just as many people do not have an internet conection.
In my opinion, the national teams of all sports should be on main stream television and be availlable to all viewers. With the advent of freeview digital there is no reason now why these games could not be shown on the alternative ITV?BBC chanels now the switchover is well underway and a vast number of people now have access to these chanels.
To have the game exclusively on the internet at £4.99 a throw plus bandwidth is ludicrous to say the least.

  Jak_1 13:17 09 Oct 2009

Not everyone has satelite tv nor able to afford it!

  Jak_1 14:06 09 Oct 2009

"But this game was never going to be seen by the 'masses' so it's stretching the point to complain that it should be freely available rather than pay per view online."

Neither was Ladies golf going to attract the masses but that was shown on BBC 2 a while back during the early evening. It is not stretching the point that it should be freely available and not restricted to the few.

"Having hobbies costs money. If you don't have the money you can't enjoy the hobby."

What a selfish attitude!

I save up all year to pay for my season ticket to watch a top flight premiership club each season plus the extra cup games, even when they are at home and on TV. Couple that with the cost of a TV licence and normal living costs then there is not an awful lot left of my pension! For me, the cost of satelite tv is prohibitive as is an unlimited bandwidth subscription. So the only way I can watch any England game is via mainstream tv and I would suggest that there are many more like me!

  beb 14:29 09 Oct 2009

England have qualified , so i think this will be a kick around for England , not a must win match .

  Quickbeam 15:42 09 Oct 2009

As a matter of interest, will the players be paid any less, seeing as there is no big TV money on it?

  Forum Editor 23:19 09 Oct 2009

the match should be available on a national TV channel, free of charge. It's a simple as that - no need to complicate the issue.

Charging people a fiver a time to sit in front of a computer monitor watching a low-grade rendering of their country's football team perform is a joke. It's high time someone put a stop to this kind of tacky commercialism.

  Quickbeam 00:10 10 Oct 2009

AS should the Ashes have been.

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