England now grows hottest chilli's

  sunnystaines 15:55 24 Jan 2011

the naga viper now the hottist

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found tescos daves ghost chilli the other day for the first time it was hot but too hot.

  Quickbeam 16:18 24 Jan 2011

I quite like chilli dishes, but I don't see the point of them being so hot that I need to get the fire extinguishers serviced before each meal!

  jakimo 16:18 24 Jan 2011

And Chile is said grows wine beneficial to a healthy heart
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  sunnystaines 16:35 24 Jan 2011

i find the sauces ok but eating the raw hot chilli is another saga i will avoid. your right.

  interzone55 16:45 24 Jan 2011

I had a sauce made with Naga Ghost chilli last year and suffered hallucinations for about 10 minutes afterwards.

Some people collapsed on the floor after eating it.

Not really my idea of a good time...

  Blackhat 18:12 24 Jan 2011

About 20 years ago I was introduced to a ‘Phal’. It was a popular dish in Birmingham and well known to about the hottest meal you could get. Once tried, never again.

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Does anyone know if they are still servrd?

  Marko797 19:26 24 Jan 2011

Phals are alive and kicking, fortunately, at my local Indian restaurant - it's my favourite curry.

Trouble is, from restaurant to restaurant, they differ in heat strength so consistency is lost, but that could be said of a madras, vindaloo or other curry.

It's the reason we've been going to the same place on a regular basis for umpteen years I guess. I must check out these chillis which sunnystaines has mentioned!

  sunnystaines 21:16 24 Jan 2011

was anything dodgy added with initals lsd

  sunnystaines 21:19 24 Jan 2011

i only tried the naga ghost sauce on food, not neat in spoons like you see on youtube, it was hot but not too hot to spoil.

there is a new sauce called terminator that is made with naga viper but not seen it in the stores.

  john bunyan 21:56 24 Jan 2011

The top three levels of hot curry are: 3: Vindaloo (normally most people's top) ;2:Tinderloo and then 1:Pal or Phal. I find this a bit OTT and needed a big glass of iced water on hand when I last had it. Madras is below Vindaloo .
The bare naga ghost chilli is a bit too hot for me.

  ams4127 22:31 24 Jan 2011

I hate and detest the wretched things. Indeed anything with onions, garlic or any spices at all makes me violently sick. Even if I don't know they are there I will still throw up. I have to be very careful what I order in restaurants. Many years ago I actually went to see a doctor about this affliction and his advice......"Don't eat anything with those things in it!"

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