England Manager...

  Quickbeam 09:37 30 Nov 2007

Looks like they're going to listen to people click here That'll be novel :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:59 30 Nov 2007

'Brian Barwick will consult a host of leading figures in the game in his search for a "world-class manager" for England'...I may be mistaken but wasn't Barwick the one who really pushed the board to sign McClaren? Barwicks' track record is not terribly good which is on a par with the Enggerland Squad of Orang-Utans....my vote goes to Homer Simpson.


  anskyber 10:01 30 Nov 2007

The process has more than a little bit of a reflection of deckchair arranging on the Titanic.

  Sapins 11:07 30 Nov 2007

What's Homer Simpson done to you?

  crosstrainer 11:28 30 Nov 2007

But how about Monty Burns? Homer is a good idea, but he isn't ruthless enough, Monty fits the bill.

We here in Wales have a new coach, but that has nothing to do with football :)

  techie4me 12:00 30 Nov 2007

Stuart Pearce currently the Under 21 Manager is my choice.
A real tough England player who has played at the highest standard & who would argue with him!!!

  anskyber 12:10 30 Nov 2007

That's the same Stuart Pearce who was given the Under 21 job because he could not hack it at Manchester City is it?

deja vu

  anskyber 12:13 30 Nov 2007
  techie4me 12:21 30 Nov 2007

England got stung £££ by employing Sven.
McLaren was not upto the job, but walks away with £2.5 million!
Lets hope they (the FA) go for somone with a bit of talent.

As for Stuart Pearce he is now free to go for the No 1 England job!

  Stuartli 13:01 30 Nov 2007

Any manager worth his salt would turn down the England job which is now a part-time post (no competitive match now until next September)...:-)

Managers prefer to be engaged on a daily basis with their club and players, not every two or three months as with the England setup.

Besides the constant criticism eventually wears down even the most laid back occupant.

  pj123 13:35 30 Nov 2007

I'm not interested in football, other than putting a few xxxxs on a pools coupon.

But my partner knows all. I don't know who, in her opinion, is a good candidate for the next England Manager.

I'll ask her why we can't have an English person, why does it have to be a foreigner?.

Come to think of it, we don't seem to have many English people managing the English League teams???

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