england goes smoke free on july 1st 2007

  p;3 19:51 19 May 2007

see this click here

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how will this actually work do we think??

  Forum Editor 19:58 19 May 2007

There'll be complaints and disagreements, but things will gradually settle down. That's it really - we'll become used to the new situation fairly quickly.

  Totally-braindead 20:12 19 May 2007

Scotlands had it for ages and theres been no real problems, a lot of moaning mind you and why not we deserve something to moan about.
Only thing I hate is going outside when its raining and I do rather miss my pint with my cigarette but there you are.
Pubs are quieter now though, not as quiet as I think they thought it would be but definatly quieter than they were before. I know quite a few people who stay in the house now and have a couple of cans of beer rather than going to the pub.
Don't really mind it now in general, I did see the point of this idea (don't agree with all the smoking ban ideas) and though I thought it was a better option of having smoking and non smoking pubs the law was passed and now we abide by it.

I did notice it was tried on the Scots first. Why is it when any change comes in it appears to be started somewhere else first?
Next time some genius comes up with an idea to change things, for health reasons, lets just for the sake of novelty let England go first. Come on take your turn. Please.

  powerless 20:18 19 May 2007

Smoke Free?

If only...

  WhiteTruckMan 22:05 19 May 2007

I used to go into oil and chemical refineries on a regular basis when I used to do hazardous tankers. As you would expect, there were signs left right and center warning not to smoke. But you were still expected to hand in all smoking materials and lighters (including the vehicle lighter) at the gatehouses. Thats because the powers that be didnt trust people not to light up in a quiet corner in spite of all the warnings and danger.

Another example-people know you are not supposed to smoke on airliners, but there will always be someone trying to sneak a crafty fag in the toilets (which is why they are fitted with smoke detectors.)

Intelligence has little to do with it.


  spuds 22:20 19 May 2007

I wonder how it will be 'policed'.

Our local police cannot even cope with cyclists riding on pavements or preventing drinking in a non-drinking area. The same applies to the councils dog and litter wardens. Dogs messing all over the place with not a warden in site, and the litter wardens picking easy city centre targets.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:29 19 May 2007

but I know how thy hope it will.

From the second of p;3' links I followed the quick guide link and found this little gem:

"Local councils will be responsible for enforcing the new law in England.

A telephone line (0800 587 166 7) will also be in operation from 1 July 2007 to enable members of the public to report possible breaches of the law. This information will be passed to local councils to follow-up as appropriate"

So thats that problem solved then! ;-)


  spuds 22:48 19 May 2007

The way things are going, it will be a case of three wise monkeys- Hear nothing-See nothing- Say nothing. Or become a 21st century super 0800 grass ;o)

Wonder if my community charge will increase next year, to cover this extra expenditure?.

  laurie53 09:32 20 May 2007

There have been a couple of threads on this already.

In Scotland it caused no great problems, and most peolpe just accepted it.

The number of people who have had to pay a penalty can be counted on one hand.

A senior member of the Licensed Victuallers' Association in the north east actually came right out and admitted that his early reservations had gone, and pubs were now nicer places to be!

The biggest problem is, I undersatnd, bingo halls, where it is obviously not practical to go outside for a smoke. They are suffering a severe drop in revenue.

  Monoux 10:30 20 May 2007

Community Charge was abolished on 31 March 1993 so it won't have any affect but it might put up your Council Tax :o)

  Totally-braindead 10:52 20 May 2007

The way it works in Scotland is. The local council have enforcement officers for the purpose of ensuring the ban is not broken. I think we have 3 of them in my town and what they do I have no idea. Only one publican that I know has ever met any of them. So from my point of view its a complete waste of tax payers money - unless they've got another job but knowing the council I doubt it.

The ban here has really been enforced by the publicans as far as I am concerned. As well as you being fined for smoking in the pub the pubs licencee gets a fine approximatly 10 times what yours was, can't remember the figures but its something like, you get fined £60 and the publican gets fines £600. And a report goes to the licencing committee.
Anyway the reason the licencee has to enforce it is when his licence is up for renewal all reports are looked at before the licence renewal is approved. If there are a few reports of people smoking on the premises then there is a possability that their licence application might not be renewed. As you can imagine this has really worried the publicans as without a licence the pub can't trade.
I'm not saying this sort of thing would ever happen except in extreme cases but this is what two publicans that I know have both been told before the ban came into place in Scotland. They were both told that if there were several cases of smoking on the premises the licencing committee would expect them to prove that they had done all within their power to stop it. How they would prove this I don't know and neither do they.
This is how it has been explained to me but to be honest the worries about the ban has been something of a damp sqibb as everyone just obeys the law and thats it.
I think theres only been a couple of fines passed out in Scotland so the enforcement officers are really getting paid for nothing.
The publicans have all reported a downturn in trade since it came into force and I certainly notice it as theres not as many people in the pub as before.

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