Engine starter spray

  Graham. 09:06 13 Mar 2007

Many moons ago, I did some part-time coach driving. One coach would not start in the morning without using a spray into the air inlet. I now need such a spray for a neighbours toy lorry, which he got for his kids for Christmas. They have never got it going, although the shop could start it.

Any mechanics out there?

  jack 09:21 13 Mar 2007

Toy lorry is powered by????
Internal combustion engine- or electric motor and a battery pack
You did not say.

Coming back to your original comment - It used to be said that engines became addicted to 'Quick-Start'
just like folk that do not get going with out their coffee and fag or booze fix.;-)

  Sapins 09:45 13 Mar 2007

I had a tractor that needed a quick start spray, which I bought from a local car "supermarket"

You might get some Pyriol Starting Fluid from;

Street Address: Dock Road
City, State/Prov. ZIP: Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1DR, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 15 16 52 15 51
Fax: +44 15 16 53 89 00
Contact: Customer Service - Mr. Barry Williams / Technical - Mr. Frank Sherlock / Sales and Marketing - Mr. Paul Taylor
e-mail: [email protected]

  laurie53 09:56 13 Mar 2007

I remember that stuff. I used to have an old Triumph (car) that was very partial to it come winter.

It was quite volatile and you could get quite high by the time you got started on a very cold morning!

If the same stuff is needed try Halfords


  Sapins 09:58 13 Mar 2007

Forgot link to product click here

I have looked at Halfords site, they don't seem to stock it.

  Graham. 09:59 13 Mar 2007

A search on Halfords returns Satnavs...

  Graham. 10:01 13 Mar 2007

I'll email Valvoline, thanks.

  johndrew 10:08 13 Mar 2007

You could also speak to a local, friendly chemist and buy a drop of ether (probably the base of the commercial product). We used to use it on diesels years ago as a starting aid. It is very flamable and you don`t need a lot!!!!

  namtas 10:51 13 Mar 2007

You need some easy Start, (magic stuff on a winters morning) and beat having to stuff a burning rag into the air intake. It is a ether based compound, need to be careful if you have heater plugs installed as you could blow them clean out, You need only very small amounts and not sure about using it on a toy engine. As someone said diesel engines seemed to get to rely on it once you used it

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 13 Mar 2007

If it needs "easy start" then there is something wrong with it.

Engine needs

Ignition source (heat)

Is it petrol or diesel? Two stroke or four stroke?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:45 13 Mar 2007

Easy Start aerosol, take off air filter cover and spray behind air filter or WD40 does the same thing.


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