The end of radio as we know it?

  hansa 15:07 02 May 2007

Item on You and Yours today about OFCOM, the broadcast regulator, holding consultations on the future of the AM (which includes Long Wave) and FM signals, which are up for licence renewal in 2011 and 2012.
Seems they may switch us all over to digital.

Bye bye radio reception in our house if that happens as DAB is pretty poor quality. Say farewell to listening in the car as well

  octal 15:25 02 May 2007

As much as I've got an affection for good old Ancient Modulation and Funny Modulation I think it's had it's day and it's time to move over to more efficient types of media.

Where do you get the impression that it's good bye to the reception in the car radio and reception at home? I've got a little personal DAB receiver I use to and from work, also another receiver at home and both of them pick up with far better quality than the FM radio, I know there are some pundits who say it's not as good, but I'm damned if I can hear any difference if the station is run a decent bit rate.

  octal 15:28 02 May 2007

By the way, just to add, both my receivers can pick up at least 53 stations in the London area, far more than on FM, not as many as AM but the quality on AM is pretty appalling at 9kHz bandwidth.

  tullie 15:40 02 May 2007

Digital radio is not available in my area

  TOPCAT® 15:49 02 May 2007

available yet. This link shows all the stations currently operating DAB click here

According to this link click here some may find their DAB radios won't work when the new AAC+ audio codec is adopted fully in a few years time. TC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:14 02 May 2007

I have not listened to a 'normal' radio for over 2 years now as I use the internet and broadcast it around my place. I can listen to all last weeks' shows on the BBC and thousands of Internet stations in digital quality sound. Onwards with the times and I would hope that there will soon only be digital radio but I suspect that many more people will be listening over the net. Why listen to lower quality when there is digital available.


  Woolwell 19:04 02 May 2007

The change over to digital means that people have to buy new equipment. Some may not be able to afford it and for some, not just the elderly, it is going to be confusing.

  oresome 22:37 02 May 2007

I understand the digital decoding is quite power hungry, so DAB portables won't last as long on a set of batteries. No doubt they'll overcome this given time.

  robgf 03:04 03 May 2007

Digital radio does seem to have quite a few drawbacks.
In our area you need a roof aerial to receive it and the signal drops out quite often (the digital TV does the same).
Battery life on a digital portable is very short, compared with an analogue.
I did read somewhere that the EU (whose project digital radio is) wants to change the digital radio format, to a better system, which will render most current digital radios obsolete.

The only advantage seems to be the better sound quality, although if you plug the FM stereo into the roof aerial, the sound quality is even better than digital. :)

  octal 07:18 03 May 2007

I use my portable DAB Rx for 1 hour per day, 5 days per week and a set of batteries last me about 3 weeks, I've one set of batteries in the DAB Rx and another ready charged when the set in the DAB keel over. Make up you own mind if you think that's bad or not, I'm happy enough with that situation.

The trouble is in Europe on Medium Wave AM is that they've run out of spare channels for any further development, so DAB is the only option. AM is very spectrum inefficient. With the present technology you can squeeze 3 DAB channels into one AM channel. I don't doubt that will improve even further in time.

  egapup 08:29 03 May 2007

So if DAB radios burn up batteries does that mean it also takes more power to broadcast? if so, what about global warming? and why dont they ever ask us if we even want it?

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