The end of the floppy disk

  Sethhaniel 15:59 30 Jan 2007

The biggest chain of computer stores in the UK is dropping floppy disks from sale due to plummeting demand.
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  lisa02 16:06 30 Jan 2007

The floppy disk died quite a while ago, this is just the funeral.

  The Brigadier 16:08 30 Jan 2007
  Forum Editor 16:08 30 Jan 2007

for years, and I don't know anyone who has.

  mole44 16:10 30 Jan 2007

i`m not surprised,i can`t remember the last time i used my floppy drive.pen drive however is always being goes on and change will always be there.

  lisa02 16:10 30 Jan 2007

FE I remember reading your story where you took the wrong (blank) floppy disk to a presentation. That put you off them, did it?

  Steve- 16:12 30 Jan 2007

My versions of XP only gives the "A" Floppy drive as an option to load SATA drivers on install, I wonder how we are supposed to do this if the drives are not available.

  Terry Brown 16:12 30 Jan 2007

I still use one, I use it for storing any Emails that have passwords, as If for any reason I need to re-enter a password (i.e. systen fail /New hard drive), it is easier (and less prone to errors to copy & paste than to type in manually.

  jackhass 16:38 30 Jan 2007

Obviously know one so far repairs pc's and has to update or recover the motherboard Bios.

A floppy is a 'must have' in these situations.

"O no,don't touch the bios.You might destroy your machine"!!! Tuh.

  johndrew 16:51 30 Jan 2007

You do now, me.

I use them to transfer all sorts of information from my old Amiga 4000 - which is still going strong - and a very old Compaq running an even older version of Windows!!!!

They are also excellent for keeping financial files and a copy of the wpa.dbl file away from the PC.

Looks as if I shall have to get into the bulk buying game!!!

  Forum Editor 17:17 30 Jan 2007

Like my wife, you never forget.

That might have been one reason, but to be honest, floppies died in my office when CDs became so cheap they could be used instead. Once flash drives arrived we transferred the data on all our archived floppies to a single drive that could be slipped into a shirt pocket. That enables us to chuck hundreds and hundreds of floppies into the bin. I don't expect to see another one, ever again.

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