The End of 30 mph?

  laurie53 07:15 24 May 2007

A move to harmonise speed limits across the EU?

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Will we be driving at 50 kph?

My God! If we thought was a fuss about lbs/kg, imagine the coming furore!

  Weskit 09:41 24 May 2007

They'll have us driving on the right before long.

  v1asco 10:14 24 May 2007

Weskit, I know a few who think we do!

Seriously though, around my area the main thoroughfare is reduced to 20mph with the bumps, an attempt to stop speeding by a school. Unsuccessful as the majority offenders seem to be the Mums/Dads late dropping off kids at school.
The other roads leading into the estate itself are 30mph. So we now have a situation where people are turning into a close after doing 20, accelerating to 30 then stopping outside their house 2 minutes later.Ludicrous. Should all be 20, so perhaps there is a call for a review in the UK.

  georgemac © 10:29 24 May 2007

off to buy shares in a road sign manufacturing company!

seriously can't see us ever changing to km/hr

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:32 24 May 2007

Me too.

1. There would be a huge outcry.

2. The cost of changing would be massive.

  newman35 10:59 24 May 2007

Do I remember something similar when decimalisation was originally proposed?

  georgemac © 11:23 24 May 2007

not only would the cost of changing be massive, could you imagine the disruption if we had to change every road speed limit sign in the country

and how could we do it quickly - the confusion during the changeover would be horrendous, people driving at 50 mph in 30mph zones claiming they thought the 50 km/hr was mph

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 24 May 2007

seriously can't see us ever changing to km/hr

That what the Irish said

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  Pine Man 18:56 24 May 2007

Good idea let's have kms,kgs, mtrs and the Euro!

  Jackcoms 19:06 24 May 2007

Good idea. About time the rest of the world drove on the left.

In fact driving on the right can, in certain geographical area which are prone to tornadoes/twisters, cause the twisters to start.

As vehicles pass each other, the movement of air from right to left gives ideal conditions for the formation of twisters.

  Pine Man 19:51 24 May 2007

Anywhere in Europe you can have more than one wife?

Just a thought ;-)

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