laurie53 11:56 24 Sep 2007

I've just been looking at an encyclopedia, and in the back it had an index.

Does this not defeat the whole object of an encyclopedia, which is to arrange entries in alphabetical order, with cross references in the text?

Yet another example of the gradual degradation of English, or am I just being pedantic?

  Giant68 12:33 24 Sep 2007

I have a set of encyclopedias "Newnes Book Of Knowledge" from the fifties. 9 volumes and 1 volume which is the index, so this is not new thing. Fascinating books to flick through, though, just to see how much the world and our understanding of it has changed.


  interzone55 13:21 24 Sep 2007

A properly configured index is a great help, even in an encyclopedia.

I have a full Encyclopedia Britannica from the 60's this has 2 volumes of index

  Bingalau 14:03 24 Sep 2007

Somebody's going to come out with this old chestnut, so I will try to get in with it first.. "I don't need an encyclopedia...My wife knows everything"..

  Quickbeam 14:58 24 Sep 2007

40 years ago most forward thinking parents would buy a set of encyclopedias for their children's use from a door-to-door salesman. Imagine trying to sell them a set now? Google has replaced them.

I still prefer to open the pages of a real book though, but the cost of a printed set with the contents of the internet would be un-affordable to anyone on the planet I imagine.

  Quickbeam 17:40 24 Sep 2007

I recall vividly in the early sixties, one Christmas when a big wrapped parcel was under the tree. It had the names of all 5 of us on it, 'marked for sharing'.

For 2 weeks we were speculating wildly over the possibilities of what this present could be... The expressions of disappointment on our faces on Christmas morning was apparently a 'picture to behold'!

  tullie 17:43 24 Sep 2007

Answer to your original question. 1/No, 2/Yes

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