EMV's New Regs?

  Pamy 15:40 11 Aug 2007

In another post Meshuga said that new regs were comming out in September concernig their use, I would be very interested if Meshuga or anyone else could point me to details please.

  Pine Man 10:12 12 Aug 2007

"EMV" is an acronym often referred to mean the specifications issued by EMVCo, LLC covering the operation of Smart card payment cards

  Pamy 11:41 12 Aug 2007

Hi Pine Man, thanks for reply. Meshuga and Technotiger refered to EMV's as Electric Mobility Vehicles or commonly known as Disability Scooters.

sunny stains also asked for a link to these new regs but was just told to google for them which I have now done, so I will close this thread as there is little interest.

  paul€ 12:15 12 Aug 2007
  Pamy 12:37 12 Aug 2007

paul€, yes the second one I had not found ,thanks


  Pine Man 13:02 12 Aug 2007

My apologies for confusing Smart card payments with disabled transport.

There was no clue at all with your thread and when googled my definition came out top.


  Pamy 13:08 12 Aug 2007

No apologies neccessary ,thanks for looking.


  laurie53 09:06 13 Aug 2007

My wife and I both have Class 3 (road usable) scooters.

They have a switch for 4 or 8 mph maximum speeds.

We were warned when we bought them that the 8 mph setting is for road use only, and were checked out, at home, by the company that supplied them.

It is not just scooter owners who have responsibility, some of the suppliers are only interested in making a sale.

  Pamy 12:17 13 Aug 2007

laurie53, Have you read or heard anything about "New Regulations" coming out in September?

I know It is wise to take out public liability insurance but,I know my neighbour has not and I was interested to know for her sake if it was to be made comulsary.(personally I think it should)

  laurie53 15:50 13 Aug 2007

Yes I'd heard something, but no details.

I would expect to find that in the specialist press a bit nearer the time.

I have added public liability insurance to my my household insurance, up to £6m without any extra premium.

  Pamy 15:57 13 Aug 2007

Thanks laurie53, the insurance bit will be passed on to my neighbour. Perhaps she already has that and not realised. I know when I spoke to her about insurance she just told me that she did not have to have any for the scooter and that was the end of the subject.

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