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  NoIdea21 21:13 06 Nov 2006

I know this is not pc related but would realy like some advice.
I left a company (no names) and found employment with another company.
Today I recieve a phone call to ask me to contact my previuos company as they are unable to obtain a reference from them and have been trying for the last 3 weeks.
At present I have been unemploed for the last 3 weeks as I can not start my new job untill they recieve all references.
Can my last employer do this.
They are refusing to answer my new employer.
Any help would be great thank you.

  Jak_1 21:16 06 Nov 2006

In a word, yes. They cannot give a bad reference but they can refuse to give a reference.

  NoIdea21 21:18 06 Nov 2006

Thank you for your quick reply.
My new employer only wants them to comfirm that I worked for them. (due to security checks).

  Jak_1 21:55 06 Nov 2006

Hm, your P45 should give that information. It wont say for how long but it will confirm that you worked for them.

  NoIdea21 21:56 06 Nov 2006

surely they can not just ignore my new employer.
They are in the same industry and by doing so they know that my new employer can not continue with my employment. They only want to know that I worked for them and was not sacked for any reason.

  Jak_1 22:13 06 Nov 2006

This sounds about standard for a lot of HR staff! The company I work for is the worlds worst for it,they even think that minimum pay is a good wage!

What they should do, if they wish to decline giving a reference, is to send a letter to your new employer stating that yes you worked for them and leave it at that. The last time I changed jobs, I left of my own accord, it took 6 months for a refence to appear! Though I was working pending the reference. It was a bad one and the new company ignored it but said I had the right to take them to court but as my job was not depending on it then it was better just to let pass. They realised that it was sour grapes by the previous employers.

  chocolate cake 22:15 06 Nov 2006

try here. click here

Jak 1 would seem to be right although you may have options. I'm no expert on this though. It would appear to be dependant on what is in your contract of employment with your old firm if one exists.

Good luck though

  NoIdea21 22:15 06 Nov 2006

Thank you.
But my Job depends on this (I WORK IN SECURITY).

  chocolate cake 22:32 06 Nov 2006

I appreciate your dilemma. Really I do! I don't know how else to help you though. Have you spoken to your previous employer about this yourself? Did you leave on bad terms?

To be blunt about this i can only offer you basic non legal advice based on what I know. You perhaps need to speak with Citizens advice.click here

  spuds 23:08 06 Nov 2006

Your old company are not obliged to issue any references to you or your new employer.

In this particular case, I would suspect that the new employer as asked you to supply
'checkable references' for perhaps the last 5/12 years, and your old employer feels reluctant to do so. Looks like you will have to conduct your old employer direct, and make a personal request.

  spuds 23:10 06 Nov 2006

Whoops sorry, made a mistake, should have been: contact not conduct.

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