Emergancy Canister in the Fridge

  jack 10:22 13 Jan 2009

In my click here
Mention was made of an Emergency Canister.
The Lions in conjunction with the County Police have been promoting this idea.
A canister [A tall 'Pill box'] is provided 'Free'
It contains a form to complete- to provide details of the occupant[s] of a dwelling giving vital data including medication, doctor, NOK. and two stickers.
One sticker is placed inside the front door near the lock the other on the fridge door.
The document is placed in the canister, and the canister, is placed in the door compartment of the fridge.
The idea is should a mishap occur whereby the occupants of the dwelling are incommunicado,
The emergancy services have to hand vital info regarding who they are.
A valuable concept for those living alone or elderly/vulnerable folk.

Is there such a scheme in your area and if so have you got it?

  Bingalau 10:37 13 Jan 2009

Yes. As I am living alone I thought it was a brilliant idea and it is all set up as you describe.

  spuds 11:12 13 Jan 2009

Perhaps I am going of subject slightly, but I tend to find that praise is given to this type of thing, but the administration is very poor in providing information or the items to those that require this or the really needy.

I have a friend who works in the local Coroner's office, and on many occasions, trying to get next of kin (if any) causes many problems, usually with an end result that advertisements have to be placed (especially if money or property is concerned).

When police officers do a forced entry, because a report as been made, then its not a very pleasant task of having to rummage around someones home, to find any information of next of kin or possible contact.

Most people are registered with a GP or DWP, and perhaps if some form of distribution network was set-up via these outlets, then most people would realise that 'something' is available.

But then again thats my opinion, perhaps not in line with other peoples thoughts!.

  Jim Thing 11:25 13 Jan 2009

"Is there such a scheme in your area and if so have you got it?"

Yes. Like Bingalau I now live alone. I've had a "message in a bottle" for a couple of years here in N. Ireland and I think it's a splendid idea.

  Noels 12:43 13 Jan 2009

See also my answer to the ICE phone numbers.
Here in Shropshire the Can in the Fridge was well publisized and supported a few yrs ago by The Lions,Meals on Wheels local chemists and libraries. The scheme seems to have gone quiet lately but if I come across anyone interested I have a loft full of Cans, forms and stickers to hand out.
I have yet to hear of anyone using the service but it remains a good idea.

  Quickbeam 12:47 13 Jan 2009

"and the canister, is placed in the door compartment of the fridge."
Surely this just reduces the available space for beer...

  Legolas 13:32 13 Jan 2009

your being very mischievous go and stand in the corner ;))

  laurie53 14:49 13 Jan 2009

Don't be silly. You don't put it in the beer compartment but one of those wasted utility spaces that some fridge designers make available for food.

  Spark6 15:51 13 Jan 2009

Choosing my words carefully! The practice nurse gave me one of the aforementioned containers last Friday. I haven't commissioned it yet.

  jack 16:20 13 Jan 2009

It is well that you read this post- I would hate to think of you putting to some unintended purpose ;-}

  Spark6 16:35 13 Jan 2009

Obviously I didn't choose my words carefully enough. Must try harder!

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