Embarrassing Mobile Phone

  charmingman 17:14 10 Apr 2007

I am not a Techno Freak & never will be but i have been quite happy with a sagem myc-4 click here
its little & stylish & did what i wanted it to do,however i noticed that we live in a world where whenever i was in the shops or in a situation when people could see my phone they would either grin or smerk as its just a little thing thats a "Pay as you go" if it fits where it wheres all that gone..ive noticed that majority of kids/adults now a days compare phones like its a new car,so yesterday i went out & got a contracted Sony Ericsson W810I click here & what a phone it is i cant belive how far phones can go now a days,have you ever been embarrased by your phone..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 10 Apr 2007

If I got to the stage in life where something as insignificant as a mobile phone embarrassed me, I would top myself. I also would not wish to be in any way associated with people who regard them as status or fashion symbols as these people are highly likely to be vapid and incapable of moderately intelligent conversation. I would seriously consider that my life had gone astray big time if I needed to go out and buy a phone for status.


  leo49 17:22 10 Apr 2007

Are you sure it was the phone they were smirking at?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:38 10 Apr 2007



  rodriguez 17:44 10 Apr 2007

Mine's a Nokia 6230i and it does everything I want it to do. So I won't change it until it breaks. :-D

  thms 17:49 10 Apr 2007

In fact hardly anybody sees my phone as it is usually switched off.

I only use it when I want to contact someone.

It doesn't have a camera, because it's a phone.
It doesn't play music, because it's a phone.

I could go on but the bottom line is I don't care if it looks naff and only makes calls.

  tullie 17:49 10 Apr 2007

Whats wrong with a mobile that makes and receives calls,thats all thats needed,not the other rubbish.

  p;3 17:51 10 Apr 2007

I can (vividly)recall the days when a mobile phone was as large as a brick (and about as useful); I admit I did obtain my first one 'to keep up with the Jones's' ; things ( and the Jonese's )have changed a lot since then

  charmingman 17:51 10 Apr 2007

Leo49 you might have a point there mind you this was me just before i went for the ride that got me to the petrol station

click here

  Monoux 17:52 10 Apr 2007

Mines a Nokia 3310 -- It makes and receives calls , sends and receives texts. I don't care what people think of or get embarrased by it as it does what I want a phone to do.
An added bonus is that it is soooooo old no-one will nick it.

  Totally-braindead 17:55 10 Apr 2007

I've never been embarassed by my phone. I've been embarassed by saying the wrong thing to someone, falling down drunk, knocking over something etc but not by a phone.
I agree phones have moved on enormously but come on now. Its like that advert which I thought was really silly for the Carphonewarehouse I think, you know the one I mean "are you embarassed by your mobile phone? Pop in and see us and we'll sell you something newer that you don't really need".
If it does what you want, isn't the size of a suitcase and doesn't weigh so much you give yourself a hernia lifting it who cares? I don't. And I really don't care if some smug teen comes up to me and smirks because his phone is newer than my phone. People that do the likes of that are truly pathetic and just ignore them.

Remember the first Lethal Weapon film? Remember Danny Glover on the bridge speaking to the shrink about Mel Gibson on the mobile phone. Now that was a big embarassing phone, so big it need a suitcase of batteries which were on the boot of the car.
Now if you were going about with that you could be embarassed with a clear concience.

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