Embalmy Winter

  Grey Goo 11:56 08 Mar 2012

Seems that the milder Winter has not only affected the profits of the Energy suppliers but also those of the Funeral Directors. Apparently deaths are down this year so far. In the article it mentions a "Pop Up" crematorium,is this like a drive through McDonalds, do you just shove the box through a hole in the wall and keep going. Seems out of place in the allegedly dignified world of the Undertaker.

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  Aitchbee 23:04 25 Mar 2012

I'm surprised McDonalds haven't started doing booked 'funeral' functions, like what most reputable pubs do...music requests for the departed could also be a winner.

  Mr Mistoffelees 23:56 25 Mar 2012

"In the article it mentions a "Pop Up" crematorium"

Perhaps more like a pop-up book?

  lotvic 01:06 26 Mar 2012

I believe that a pop up funeral is where no formal service has been arranged but people turn up anyway and make their own spontaneous ceremony.

As for "like a drive through McDonalds, do you just shove the box through a hole in the wall and keep going" - there is many a true word said in jest, seems there are plans afoot for 'A drop-off service and a cremation-only price.' See: Crematoria need to offer a drop-off service. Will they?

  Quickbeam 08:24 26 Mar 2012

Maybe their profits are down, but they'll get their pound of coin from you eventually, as well as all the flesh as well!

  morddwyd 09:05 26 Mar 2012

"The idea of no fuss, no service cremations is welcome and I hope people will make it clear to relatives that this is all they want."

Exactly what my father asked for, and was given, some thirty years ago.

Unfortunately I am still reviled by those friends and relatives to whom he did not make his wishes known for not giving him a proper "send off".

Fulfilling his wishes cost me a six figure inheritance, and total ostracism by the family.

Things are never as quite as simple as they seem at first glance!

  lotvic 12:28 26 Mar 2012

morddwyd, I can see how that would happen, certainly makes a case for pre-arranging your own or setting down in writing exactly what you want after discussing with your near and dear who will be doing the grieving, they need to be settled in their minds or grieving process can turn to acrimony very easily.

  Bingalau 13:37 26 Mar 2012

After I paid for my wife's funeral, I asked the undertaker about my own. I was not pressed in to it in any way. I opted for the same "package" that my wife had just had, I paid exactly the same price. Since then about three and a half years ago, the price has gone up by £700.00.... A good rate of interest on £2,700.00 I thought. (Obviously not linked to the cost of living). But that's the shocking way that the price of funerals is rising.

Last week I went with my sister-in-law to the undertakers, having convinced her that she should not leave her children to pay for her funeral. We had a laugh with the undertaker about different types of coffins, which would be getting burned at the crematorium anyway. She decided not to opt for the cardboard one, as it might collapse whilst being carried along on the shoulders of members of the family. (especially if the weather was wet). We were told that some people opt for all the trimmings and the most expensive coffin to be burned in. Paying as much as £10,000.00 for it. It seems the normal price these days is about the £5,000.00 mark. Blimey what a waste.

I don't think our children should be burdened with the cost or choosing what type of funeral to give us when we go. But tell them that you have done it and that you don't want money wasting on flowers etc. Tell them you want them to have a bit of a booze-up to remember you by instead.

  Bingalau 13:44 26 Mar 2012

Incidentally, I like the idea of a drive through crematorium. Collect the ashes later for a small service and disposal (at sea or scattered in a favourite spot). As I would like a Royal Marine bugler playing Last Post at mine, I wonder if it could be changed to The Post Horn Gallop as we drive through.

  Woolwell 13:58 26 Mar 2012

Bingalau - A life on the ocean wave too?

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