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  Chegs ® 16:39 05 Jul 2004

Please will folk STOP sending emails via PCA.My "Junk Mail" folder was already filling rapidly with spam and now its suddenly started filling with "****" has sent you a message from *** thread" As they aren't in my contacts list,the filters place them into my junk mail folder,I RARELY EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK AT THOSE IN IT!!! deleting its contents automatically.So,save on the bandwidth and post a response/request in the Helproom.

  €dstowe 19:15 05 Jul 2004

1. When you start a new thread, tick the email option in the box at the bottom of the text box.

2. Create for yourself an email address specifically for PCA forum. You can then choose to look at it or delete it as you wish.

  Djohn 19:31 05 Jul 2004

Similar to €dstowe. I have created a folder for PCA mail as I too receive quite a lot. Powerless gave me the idea when he started the same thing himself some time back.

  VoG II 23:12 05 Jul 2004

Well I find it an absolute pain. I suppose it serves me right for being an active member in the Helproom. I have actually started deleting a lot of these and not responding.

The e-mail facility is, however, useful. Isn't there a way of alerting users? For example we have financial software at work - if you try to make a change it, it puts up an "Are you sure" message about three times before you can actually do anything.

  Forum Editor 00:10 06 Jul 2004

if I posted a thread in the Helproom and Consumerwatch? Newer forum users often don't understand about the use of the email facility, and don't stop to think. It isn't their fault entirely, and perhaps they don't realise how many emails some of you get.

Perhaps if I posted a thread about correct use of email occasionally it woud help resolve the problem. We don't want to do away with the email links entirely because they are very useful in certain circumstances.

  Djohn 01:04 06 Jul 2004

Yes I think it will help if you could FE. Members that know each other and have built up a relationship over the years have each others address and I don't think that any of us mind replying to a forum member that is recognised as a regular contributor, just that at times we do get mail from people new to the forum and at times they can be quite demanding.

A few weeks back I received a mail requesting help and I needed to print it out to refer to while answering. It was 5 pages!

I did feel under a lot of pressure to reply as quickly as I could. This tends to happen a few times but never one so long. Normally I repost back to the forum and answer from there but as you can imagine this particular one was exceptional.

Regards. j.

  Chegs ® 01:31 06 Jul 2004

Its ok putting a thread into the HelpRoom but unless there was some way to keep it 1st page without needing refreshed every few mins/hours,etc and was "Compulsory Reading" before getting aboard PCA,the problem diminishes for the duration of the thread.Could something not be added to the forum(code?) whereby the users could elect if the "envelope" was active in their posts? This would mean we could respond to threads,and not be "drowned" in emails(not that 10+ daily is exactly drowning)Either that,or instead of a thread can the 1st page not have simply a request not to contact other members privately to ask "How do I..." ? I dont really have a problem with responding to some of them(I said there deleted without being read....I fibbed)but quite a few are usually asking the same questions,which have also been asked and answered in the Helproom pages(but the search is a tad hit/miss,especially recently)so confirming my suspicion that the "info" pages/banners,etc aren't actually read or heeded.

  Forum Editor 01:33 06 Jul 2004

If I forget, could someone remind me to do it tomorrow?

  powerless 19:19 06 Jul 2004


  Dorsai 20:13 06 Jul 2004

The ability to e-male posters direct is useful..If someone was looking for a 'small bracket, you know the blue one in a........' and i had one of these, unwanted, in a box, i would be happy to post it on..

You send me a postage paid jiffy-bag and i will put it in the bag and post it back, but i would no way give my postal address out over the general fourum. But i can e-mail it just to the person who needs it.

I have seen simular offers from other users of this site for this purpose. How to stop abuse though...Perhaps if when you clicked on the envelope the first screen that came up reminded people that this was for 'emergency use only, general guestions/replies should be posted normally' it might help cut down on spurious e-mails...

  Rtus 23:57 06 Jul 2004

I find the email link can be useful especially if the thread author cannot quite understand quite what were trying to say,saves forum post embarrassment(now-now you lot) I developed the screenshot mailing method to guide a few through a few posts,Ive even had a few bits of hardware sent for me to sort out how they were going wrong.mainly due to the pigeon english,or lack of manuals supplied...all in all the help room works very well,however I unfortunately,due to family illness dont spend as much time as I did or would like to here.but thankfully there's still a good crew with us keeping up the excellent work.

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