Elocution in school

  natdoor 18:56 22 Jan 2009

Beryl Bainbridge has just called for elocution lessons in schools, complaining particularly about the Liverpool accent. She asserts that it has become grotesque in the past twenty years or so and considers that TV may be responsible.

I have been completely unable to understand young Liverpudlians when I have seen them interviewed on TV. I do not know if they are able to speak in a more normal voice but, if not, then I would expect that their job opportunities could well be constrained.

I am not suggesting that all regional accents or dialects should be eliminated. Some I find quite attractive, for example geordie. However, in an increasingly global world with english as a major language, I think it behoves our citizens to be able to speak in a manner understood beyond their backyard.

  bluto1 19:04 22 Jan 2009

I think Beryl Bainbridge would be better employed in setting up her idea of an elocution school instead of criticising in this manner.
Alternatively she could invest in a decent hearing aid.
There is nothing wrong with a Scouse accent, or indeed with any of the regional accents in this country.

  birdface 19:15 22 Jan 2009

I have to agree with her about the accent.I used to drive for a living and was always calling out for directions wherever I went.I found Liverpool+Birmingham and Aberdeen the hardest to understand.I am from north of the border so they probably have the same problem with my accent.Generally I like to listen to different accents so I suppose someone has to come top and bottom.My favorite accent is the Geordie one.

  laurie53 19:34 22 Jan 2009

"Aberdeen the hardest to understand."

In Aberdeen it's not just an accent, of course, but virtually a different language, the Doric.

  birdface 19:47 22 Jan 2009

click here
Yes I had to look it up to see what you meant.
My friend has just moved here from Aberdeen and thats the way he speaks.Nothing the matter with different accents its just getting used to them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 22 Jan 2009

Kids need to learn the three Rs (Reading wRiting and Resonsibility) before worrying about elocution.

  interzone55 21:38 22 Jan 2009

I use to work in Liverpool a lot and I have to say that the accent has got worse over the last 20 years or so.

I watched a piece about the Liverpool derby match on North West Tonight on Monday and there where a couple of lads who were almost incomprehensible...

  Brumas 22:15 22 Jan 2009

Bingalau and MacScouse,"and there where a couple of lads who were almost incomprehensible..." they are talking about you two again ;o))

  Quickbeam 22:18 22 Jan 2009

They ain't nufin' up wiv kids wayz o'speekin'.

  Bingalau 22:25 22 Jan 2009

.. But seriously I understand where these people "are coming from" because the Liverpool accent has definitely got worse over the years and like alan14 says some of the younger ones are incomprehensible. I hate to listen to some of these people myself. Of course I have a Scouse accent too. But it is not as thick and garbled as the youngsters talk today. I also blame the TV and the lack of elocution lessons in schools. I may have had my accent diluted by living away from Liverpool for many years of course. But when in another part of the country I always get called "Scouse". So it must be still there.

  Brumas 23:12 22 Jan 2009

As you know I was only jessing but what you say is very true and also the same for me. When I left Hull as a lad to join the merch, at the tender age of 16, I had a broad Yorkshire accent you could cut with a knife.
I have since, like yourself travelled the world and done many things in many strange places and, through mixing with regional accents along the way have become quite adept at recognising most of the regional variations.
Now I still have an accent but it has mellowed and I would be quite offended if it couldn't still be recognised.
What really irritates me and gets my goat is The Professional Yorkshireman or Cockney or Scouser etc. who lay on the accent/mannerisms with a trowel! Ee bah gum, thay railly get up mar knows! End of rant!!

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