Elephant in the room.

  john bunyan 17:30 19 Apr 2008

All the talk of fuel and fuel prices rising throughout the world concentrate on supply. In fact due to more spendng power in India and China etc a small per caput increase in consumption, particulaly of meat (needs more ceral to produce)has increased demand - and who can blame them for wanting a higher standard of living?
The elephant in the room however is population growth. Why isn't this the top of all discussions on global warming and price rises? The world can barely support 6 billion, never mind 10.Somehow we need to reduce, not increase our numbers, but how?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 19 Apr 2008

"Somehow we need to reduce, not increase our numbers, but how?"

Thats what wars are for -
reduce population -
full employment -
flatten the slums-

Also good when in times of recession.

  john bunyan 18:21 19 Apr 2008

Fruit Bat /\0/\ I had in mind such suggestions that 50% of all aid should go on birth control education or even the Chinese "baby licence" system. Wars may well come as poor populations all want to come and live in well off countries.

  Bingalau 19:27 19 Apr 2008

Trouble is, that it is the rich people in the poorer countries who manage to make it to the well off countries. Which probably aggravates the situation.

  DrScott 02:43 20 Apr 2008

just cause blips, but don't alter the tragectory of the graph for population growth.

Disease and famine on the other hand are quite good population limiters.

  User-1235809 07:16 20 Apr 2008

Natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes are also quite good population limiters, but there isn't anything quite as good as proper birth control. I have long thought that the aid given to third world countries should be at least half spent on educating the population about it, which would lead naturally to a healthier (certainly for the women) and better fed life. Until the recent tremendous influx of immigrants into this country, our birth rate was falling fast because we know that popping out a baby every year is not a good lifestyle.

  Cymro. 10:53 20 Apr 2008

"The world can barely support 6 billion, never mind 10.Somehow we need to reduce, not increase our numbers, but how?"

One good way to reduce the never ending increase in world population would be for the Roman Catholic Church to stop their ban on birth control.

  john bunyan 13:07 20 Apr 2008

DrScott- Disease and famine are also blips these days due to the skills of your colleagues. Even the 1912 flu pandemic "only" got about 20 million! Famine will come, but surely the only way is birth control.
Mindie - I agree. Cymo - agreed in part but the ban is sensibly ignored by most (eg Ireland) and in most parts of Asia and Africa it does not apply. Somehow we need to target this as keenly as we can or all the forecasts of global warming and shortages will com true.

  peter99co 17:20 20 Apr 2008

I may be wrong but I think that after a flood in Bangledesh,even though thousands were drowned,the population within a month was restored to its original numbers.

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