Jak_1 16:01 02 Aug 2007

Reading tonights Manchester Evening News I came across this in the 'Law & You' section.

Q I am a parctically housebound ME sufferer who is adversely affected by wireless devices such as cordless phones and wireless internet.
The condition is called electrosensitivity. I live in a semidetached house which means I am constantly bombarded by my neighbours 'emissions'.
I have tried to compromise with them but they say they need wireless internet for work.
This means I will have to buy very expensive wallpaper to block out the signals. What are my rights in this situation?

A Where neighbours suffer from intangible intrusions on their property, such as noise, smells, smoke, vibration, they can take legal acton for 'nuisance'.
However, in order to win the case they would have to be able to show either that they had suffered harm or that their neighbours actions were unreasonable.
Current scientific thinking would appear to lean toward the opinion that such low level emissions are not harmful, and no court would rule that your neighbours are being unreasonable in using electrical gadgets. It's possible that this will change in the future but until then you will have to revert to expensive wallpaper.

This is the first time I have seen/heard of anyone complaining about a neighbour using WIFI and the solicitor answering the question seems to be spot on. The reader asking the question does not state whether they have been told this as fact by doctors or not or whether they just think that is a reson for discomfort. Personally I don't think someone using WIFI equipment or cordless/mobile phone in an adjoining house would affect anyone.

  4gig 16:10 02 Aug 2007

I must be a really sensitive guy.

Last weekend I was testing out a BT wireless router for a friend.Within 1 hour my eyes felt strange and my head felt tingley.

I normally only use a wired network at home.

My conclusion is that wifi is not safe especially around a child's body.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 02 Aug 2007

"expensive wallpaper."

Ordinary tinfoil will stop wireless signals.
To prove it just wrap yor mobile phone in tinfoil then try to call it.

To stop emmisions from next door just line the wall with tinfoil pasted on in the normal way an then cover with ordinay wallpaper.

Even if you only covered an area close to where they have their router it should stop the emmission comming through.

  Pineman100 17:35 02 Aug 2007

>To stop emmisions from next door just line the wall with tinfoil <

Or wrap yourself in it. Keep away from ovens, though. ;-)

  Stuartli 17:48 02 Aug 2007
  4gig 17:56 02 Aug 2007

Well done Stuartli .

  Forum Editor 18:16 02 Aug 2007

and my head felt tingley (sic).....My conclusion is that wifi is not safe especially around a child's body"

Thank goodness for in-depth, scientific analysis, it removes the possibility of anyone coming out with a wildly sweeping, ill-informed, ill-considered, knee-jerk of an opinion, based on nothing more than a tingly head.

  Stuartli 18:21 02 Aug 2007

I only posted it for interest purposes.

No one I know has had any reaction or setbacks from using a wireless network at home - in fact my youngest offspring's property is wireless enabled from loft to main living room and plenty of gadgets are connected to it....:-)

  Pineman100 18:24 02 Aug 2007

I've now cut down to two glasses a night.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:31 02 Aug 2007

Utter cobblers!


  Si_L 19:02 02 Aug 2007

Not another thread on Wi-Fi dangers. It has already been proved that Wi-Fi is harmless, why are people making this a big issue?

I would stop scaremongering or Kate B will be on your ass soon....

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