Electrically operated adjustable beds.

  Meshuga 17:33 28 Jan 2008

Has anybody any personal experience of the above beds,especially in relation to supporting a person lying/sitting and sleeping in as upright position as possible due to illness. Any recommended UK companies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:47 28 Jan 2008

there are some rouges out there that sell these to "old people" for greatly exaggerated prices.

I posted a thread on this forum a short while ago after a bad experience with my parents.

All the big high street "bed firms" sell electric beds, try before you buy.

  Meshuga 17:57 28 Jan 2008

Fruit Bat, thank you for the advice. I am aware of these Rogues and am on my guard.

  TopCat® 22:09 28 Jan 2008

earlier days! Knowing someone who used to have such a bed, it was found that they were (then) extremely heavy - they had three large motors plus the screw gearing on each - and his bedroom floor had to be strengthened. It also had a variable speed vibrator device which, when operated at anything above 'gentle' action produced one one heck of a din in the lounge below. Crockery fell off the sideboard, he told me! :o) TC.

  TopCat® 22:10 28 Jan 2008

'one' too many! TC.

  justme 23:00 28 Jan 2008

TopCat® I agree with your experience. Many years ago my father bought one of these beds at a very high cost. The bed was metal framed and weighed a ton.

However, as Fruit Bat /\0/\ has said, most high street bed suppliers can now supply wooden framed beds which are not nearly as heavy as the metal framed ones and are much cheaper than "specialist" firms. Both my wife and myself have one and they are great for sitting up reading but I have not tried sleeping upright.

I don't know if they can supply the vibrating kind but Meshuga did not specify that as necessary.

As regards sleeping sitting up I would be slightly worried that they may turn over during the night and roll out of the bed. But I am sure that that slight worry can be overcome quite easily with carefully placed pillows.

  sconedd 00:12 29 Jan 2008

Hi Meshuga I have one such bed, My Occupational Therapist got one for me from Social Services. I think they would also supply a metal safety guard on the bed. Try your local Welfare Benfits Unit, they are very helpful. Hope this helps. Sconedd

  Meshuga 09:31 29 Jan 2008

Thanks to all who have replied, my apologies for delay in replying. I note all the points raised regarding weight of bed etc. I think that modern beds are much lighter now they are made of wood but since I live in a bungalow with solid floors the weight is not an issue.
With regards to sleeping sitting up and possibly rolling over and falling out out of the bed, this is easily overcome, as has already been mentioned, by fitting side bars. I need to be as upright as possible because of breathing problems which lying down aggravate. Obviously the bed is for me. I will try the Social Services approach but from past experience they always plead poverty and prefer to cut back rather than pay out. I see a great variation in prices but,while like everybody I don`t want to pay more than I have to, I would not let price govern what I buy provided the value is there. Again, many thanks for all your input, I will let this run for a bit longer before ticking resolved.

  Stuartli 13:18 29 Jan 2008

My wife has a Sleepeezee adjustable bed - it cost £499 - after finding those used in hospitals helped her to sleep much better.

It's basically very simple and adjusts far more than the levels she requires.

The one problem was finding a bottom sheet that didn't come off at the top or bottom of the bed during adjustments.

This was solved by buying a bottom sheet which was deeper than the mattress and elasticated all the way round, rather than just at each corner.

  Meshuga 16:11 29 Jan 2008

Stuartli, Many thanks for that. Sounds interesting, especially the price. Will look up sleepeezee on the net. Did you buy yours direct from Sleepeezee or from a local bed retailer?

  pj123 16:32 29 Jan 2008

I spent 10 weeks in Hospital last year and I have to say that the bed I was in worked like a dream.

Whether you can get/buy these beds outside of the NHS I don't know.

I think you would need to contact your OT.

I have been given plenty of help from my Occupational Therapist.

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