Electoral Roll for free?

  Cara2 17:29 05 Feb 2009

I seem to recall a website giving access to the Electoral Roll but can no longer find it.

Can anybody direct me to a similar website please?


  tullie 18:18 05 Feb 2009

A simple Google search will find it.

  Cara2 18:35 05 Feb 2009

Done a simple google search. The ones that I have come up with are not free, but need credits.

  tullie 18:54 05 Feb 2009

This one no good?
click here

  Cara2 19:32 05 Feb 2009

First one I tried.

Filled in my details to register. Managed to get the correct person (even gave an age range) But to get the address itself, you appear to need to pay for credits.

I only want to send a birthday card!

  tullie 19:59 05 Feb 2009

If you know them well enough to send a card i would be asking them.

  peter99co 20:19 05 Feb 2009

I used BT to search for an address of a friend and chose Residential Name. It searched for the surname and gave the address and phone number.

click here

  Cara2 21:48 05 Feb 2009

Course I know I can ask my friend. (its just the house no. I am not sure of), but it rather spoils the surprise. In addition to which, if I wanted to I could just put the card through the letterbox.

But I am also trying to prove a point to my sister who reckons you can't get this info for free. But its no big deal. Just thought I would enquire here thats all.

Peter99co, my friend is ex-directory. But thanks anyway.

  spuds 23:07 05 Feb 2009

There are two forms of electoral registers. Ones available for commercial use the other one isn't, so you might have a problem finding out what you want, if the person as 'opt-out'.

You could try your local library or council office (who should have a copy of the latest roll), if you live in the same district!.

Any of the main credit agencies also provide a service, but in most cases, there would be a fee.

  BT 07:56 06 Feb 2009

You can find just about anybody on here
click here

I think you can only search for a limited number each day but I,ve found quite a few peoples addresses via this site

  Cara2 13:31 06 Feb 2009

192.com - I tried that one, but I understood you have to pay for credits? Have I misunderstood?

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