Election Turnout

  laurie53 10:00 23 Apr 2007

85% turnout in the French election?

We'll be lucky to get half that in Wales and Scotland on May 3rd!

Perhaps there are lessons for our politicians to learn, not that they will ever admit that they don't already know what's best for us.


  Kate B 10:11 23 Apr 2007

Yes, it's impressive. The French election, though, is really crucial: it's about where France goes. Does it stick with the old model of protecting jobs at pretty much any cost which isn't doing the economy any good or does it go into a scary and uncertain future of economic liberalism which would certainly improve the economy but would probably cause a lot of pain among ordinary working people?

Fortunately the French have sent a strong message to Le Pen this time: he came fourth; and the centrist way has been ruled out, too. It really is a polarising choice, and a fascinating process to watch.

  wee eddie 10:15 23 Apr 2007

It's regarded as a good thing to have a "bit on the Side" there. OK so they're not as PC as ours and they are prone to the occasional scandal but they are most frequently judged on how they handle it.

Their politicians go head to head about issues that people are interested in.

Mind you, they still get into just as big a mess as ours nut at least that Democracy at work.

  anskyber 10:24 23 Apr 2007

France, in my view, is roughly where the UK was pre Thatcher, maybe not as polarised but nearly so.

France has watched enviously at the UK in terms of economic success but has been "frightened" to take the path we took given the pain which Kate has pointed out.

I think as a consequence France has now been presented with real choices as the UK was all those years ago.

We do not have the same choices now since for the most part the financial prudence of the Thatcher years has been carried on through the Blair years. In reality there is little genuine choice now on the economic front because whatever our politicians say there is actually broad agreement about how things should be run.

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